Switching your broadband provider with Three

Switching broadband provider has never been easier. You can do it in 3 key steps.

With Three offering the UK’s fastest 5G Broadband and ever-expanding coverage across the UK, now could be the perfect time to switch your broadband and enjoy what we have to offer.

How to switch broadband provider

1. Check your coverage

Use our coverage checker to see what services we offer at your postcode.

2. Choose your package

Choose your plan from our available deals. And don’t forget to tell your current provider you’re leaving.

3. Get our best-ever broadband

Order before 8pm for next working day delivery. Set up is so simple, you can do it yourself in seconds.

The benefits of switching to Three Broadband


Say hello to super-fast broadband, with average download speeds of 150Mbps [1]. It’s our best broadband to date, all on The UK’s Fastest 5G Network.

  • Truly unlimited data
  • Near-instant downloads
  • 4K streaming


No landline. No engineer. No waiting. When you switch to broadband with Three, it really couldn’t be easier:

  • Next-day delivery if ordered by 8pm
  • Plug and play setup


We make things as flexible as possible, allowing our customers to find the perfect option for them:

  • 1-month and 24-month contracts
  • No setup fee or upfront costs on Pay Monthly broadband
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

See our Broadband offers

Home Broadband

As well as super-fast 5G and great connection for even more of your devices, with Three’s Home Broadband you can choose from 1-month or 24-month contracts, with truly unlimited deals, no setup fee, 30-day moneyback guarantee and next-working-day delivery.

Mobile Broadband

Also known as MiFi, Mobile Wi-Fi, and portable Wi-Fi — with Three’s Mobile Broadband you won’t have to rely on finding someone else's Wi-Fi or hot spotting from your mobile phone to get online. Take your pocket-sized Mobile Broadband hub or Mobile Broadband enabled tablet with you on the move.

Check your coverage

New to Three? Use our coverage checker below to see if you can access our award-winning network.

Why Three Broadband?

No phone line? No problem

Our super-fast broadband is always landline-free. So, whether you can’t get a landline installed or just don’t want to — we’ve got you covered.

Super simple set up

Three broadband doesn’t require a fixed line to work, so no need to wait days or weeks for one to be installed.

Next working day delivery

With next-day delivery, you can get connected, fast. Simply plug in and connect to the UK’s Fastest 5G Network in minutes.

Peace of mind

No setup fee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Added peace of mind for you and a bit of extra money saved.

Store locator

Use our locator to find a Three store near you if you want to speak to us in person about switching your broadband supplier.

Contact us

Talk to us about switching your broadband supplier via Chat, or give us a call.

Why Choose Three?

Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for Q3-Q4 2023. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission. 

Frequently asked questions

This will depend on the current terms of your broadband contract and whether you have an exit fee in place. This is something you should check if you’re considering switching broadband supplier.

In terms of signing up to Three broadband, the good news is that our 1-month and 24-month Pay Monthly plans come with no upfront cost. So if you have no exit fee with your current provider, it may actually cost nothing to switch broadband provider.

We also offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee for added peace of mind.

With no landline or engineer required and next-day delivery if you order by 8pm, it’s quick to switch your broadband supplier to Three. Whether you want to upgrade from 4G to 5G immediately; want your new broadband in place for the day your previous contract ends; or are moving to a new property and want your broadband in place as soon as possible after moving in.

Yes, it should be fine to change your broadband supplier in the middle of a contract, but you’ll have to check the terms of your contract with your current supplier to see if there’s an exit  termination fee in place.

Often this type of fee will only apply for a certain period of the contract, but some suppliers may extend it across the length of a contract. Most will also expect a notice period – often a month from your next payment date – but you may be able to end it a lot quicker than this and just pay for whatever portion of the month you’re cancelling from.

So again, it’s best to contact your current supplier and clarify your exact situation.

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