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Let's keep it simple
No bills. No monthly plan. No minimum term.

We have great value top-ups and Data Packs, so you can get more for less.

Pay As You Go in 3 simple steps

Order your free SIM

Order your free SIM

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Download the app

Download the Three UK app

Put the SIM in your phone and download it from your app store.

Top up

Top-up your credit

Log in to the app to grab your first top-up.

We've got great rates


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per MB

Order your free SIM

Take a look at our Price Guide to learn about our pricing and terms.

Save with a Data Pack

Data Packs

If you use lots of data, buying a Data Pack instead of topping up can save you money.

  • Buy data up-front to get more value.
  • Data Packs last for 1 month.
  • Enjoy Unlimited minutes and texts for the whole month.
  • No ongoing commitment.

  • When one expires, you go back to using your credit like normal.
  • Buy Packs when you need them, or set up Auto-renewal.
  • You can buy 1 Data Pack per month.
  • If your data runs out, data Add-ons are available.

Get more data for less

Cash credit top-ups are better for light users, but heavy users should consider a Data Pack.

£10 cash credit

Data 200MB
Or Texts 100 texts
Or Calls 100 minutes

Credit never expires

£10 Data Pack

Data 6GB (6000MB)
+ Texts Unlimited texts
+ Calls Unlimited minutes

Packs last 1 month

Find the right Data Pack for you

They all come with Unlimited minutes and texts.

Unlimited Data Pack £35.00

50GB Data Pack £20.00

Big data boost
20GB Data Pack

6GB Data Pack £10.00

Your questions answered

What is a Data Pack?

A Data Pack allows you to buy lots of data up-front. This data is yours to use for up to 1 month and doesn't come out of your credit allowance.

Each Data Pack also gives you Unlimited minutes and texts for the whole month too.

Is this like a contract?

No, after a month the Data Pack expires and there's no commitment to buy another one.

You can go back to using your credit as normal, or buy another Data Pack for the next month. You can also set up Auto-renewal to buy a Data Pack automatically each month. You can cancel this at any time.

What happens when my data runs out?

You’ll still get your Unlimited minutes and texts for the rest of the month. But you’ll be charged our standard rate for any data you use, which will be charged to your existing cash credit.

You can only buy one Data Pack at a time, and you'll need to wait for one to expire before you can get a new one.

If you do run out of data…

If you use all your data before the end of the month, you can buy an Add-on to get extra. You can buy Add-ons using the Three UK app, or you can top-up your cash credit and pay for data at the standard rate.

Order a Pay As You Go SIM for free

Once you place your order, your SIM should take 2-3 working days to arrive.

All you need to do is pop it into your phone to get started. Make sure you download the Three UK app to set-up your account and top-up your phone.


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