Changes to your Monthly Charge

Customers who joined between 29th May 2015 and 28th October 2020.

If you joined or upgraded your phone, SIM Only, Mobile Broadband, or Home Broadband plan between 29th May 2015 and 28th October 2020 your Monthly Charge will increase each May by the preceding January RPI rate.

RPI is the Retail Price Index, and the January Rate is published by the Office for National Statistics in February.

The January 2024 RPI rate is 4.9%. You’ll see this annual price change on your bill from May 2024 and onwards.

Find out what your new Monthly Charge will be using our calculator. Just enter your current Monthly Charge and it’ll do the rest.

Monthly Charge calculator

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We work out your new Monthly Charge by taking the Monthly Charge you paid up until April 2024, and adding the RPI Rate.

Our right to increase your Monthly Charge by RPI each year is set out in section 4.1 (or section 3.1, if you are a business customer) of your terms and conditions (please select the relevant terms). Please note that we calculate the charge of your monthly increase to 2 decimal places and when calculating these charges, we will round up the price to the nearest penny.

The increase only applies to your recurring Monthly Charge and does not apply to any Add-ons or out of bundle charges.

What does this mean for me?

We’ll contact you either via SMS, email, or letter to remind you of the increase and when this will apply.

The increase you will see will be dependent on when your current contract started – this may be when you joined Three or last upgraded your account. We will detail this in the communications we send to you.

We know you may also have multiple contracts with us and these may be eligible for different increases dependent on their individual start dates.

If you joined or upgraded after 1st November 2022, click here.

If you joined or upgraded between 29th October 2020 and 31st October 2022, click here.

If you’re a business customer, click here.

Why is Three increasing prices?

Similar to many other mobile providers, our Pay Monthly plans are subject to an annual price change. This year our contract customers whose bill will increase will see an average price increase of less than £1.75 per month. The increases reflect inflationary pressures we are facing as a business including energy prices, supplier increases, and increased staffing costs. Despite this change, our prices remain some of the most competitive in the market and we have a range of support, including a social tariff via SMARTY, available for customers struggling with their finances.

What if I would like to discuss my bills, need extra support, or have a query on the increase and how this impacts me?

We understand that you may want to discuss or look at options for your contract with us due to the increase. We also have a range of support options for any customers who may need this.

You can check your bills and account information by logging into My3 or downloading the Three App. You can also check our range of support options for customers, here.

If you want to discuss these changes, get in touch with us.

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