Direct Debit issue

There was an issue with direct debits where a small number of payments were not taken from some customer accounts recently. We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please read the below for more information and any action that you may need to take.

What happened?

We should have collected your bill on or around the 24th or 25th May. Due to a processing error, we didn’t do that.

You may then have received messages from us about your direct debit and payment date after your bill should have been collected. 

What will happen next?   

You do not need to take any action, you will still be able to use your services and we will collect May and June’s payments on your June direct debit date. You will need to have enough funds in your account to cover both bills. 

I would prefer to make a manual payment (IE via bank card) to pay May’s bill to help manage my finances? 

That’s fine to do so –To make a payment through our automated payment service please dial 400 from your phone. To make a payment for the mobile number you're calling from, press 1. To make a payment for a different number, press 2.

Making a manual payment for the full amount of May’s bill between the 24th May and 21st June means that we will only attempt to take the charge for June.  

Your June bill will still show a previous balance that relates to your May bill and will say we will collect both amounts in June. We will only attempt to take the charge for June if you make a manual payment.  

If you make a payment after the 21st June, that will be taken off any balance due in July. 

What if I am struggling to pay?

Don’t worry, please contact us via contact us to discuss your options.

I have recently received a message saying my account is overdue/my services have been suspended?  

You can ignore this message. You will still be able to use your services.