About Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is your personal internet connection. It gets you online whether you're at home or out and about.

With Three, Mobile Broadband is available on Pay As You Go or on a Pay Monthly contract. You can get connected using one of our devices or SIM Only plans.


A dongle is a modem which you plug straight into one of the USB ports on your computer. It takes a Three Mobile Broadband SIM, and transmits your broadband connection to get you online. You don't need to charge your dongle, so there's no need to worry about running out of power.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi is a portable modem that creates its own wireless hotspot, so is made for sharing. It works the same way as a home wireless router or Wi-Fi modem, but using a Three Mobile Broadband SIM. With Mobile Wi-Fi, you can connect up to five devices at once.

You get more flexibility with Mobile Wi-Fi than a dongle – for instance, you could put your Mobile Wi-Fi by a window to get the best signal and improve the reception around your house. You need a battery to run Mobile Wi-Fi so you'll need to charge it from time to time.


Home-Fi is like Mobile Wi-Fi, a device which creates a wireless hotspot for people to connect to, however Home-Fi can reach further distances and provide a connection for the entire home or small business. This means you can keep it plugged it in without the need of taking it with you if you move to another room.

It can take up to 32 connected devices at once, giving you the convenience of broadband but with the additional flexibility of not needing a fixed line or lengthy contract. You can choose to use HomeFi from as little as one month to as long as you like.


Tablets combine the best features of laptops and smartphones and are designed to be used on the move. With Mobile Broadband, you can connect your tablet to the internet when you're out and about. We offer two options:

  • you can use Mobile Wi-Fi
  • or you can use one of our SIMs if there's a SIM slot on your tablet.

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