Buying Mobile Broadband Add-ons

Run out of data on your Mobile Broadband plan? No problem. You can still use your account as normal – it’ll cost you 1p per MB in the UK. Remember, if you’re roaming, it might cost more. Or, keep it simple and grab an Add-on to keep you going.

Use Add-ons at home or while you’re roaming – so long as you’re in a Go Roam destination. Every billing month, you can get one of each Add-on and it’ll last until your allowance renews.

Ready to buy? Log in to your account and click Buy an Add-on. Choose the Add-on that’s right for you and get back to browsing. Sorted.

Choose from:

1GB for £5

5GB for £15

10GB for £20

For more info on Mobile Broadband pricing, check our price guide.

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