About TrafficSense™

Wondering what on earth TrafficSense™ is? Wonder no more. It’s easy, really. It’s the way we manage traffic on our network to give you the best possible experience. We’re always making sure to meet network demand in the right way, so our approach might change. Right now, here’s how TrafficSense™ works.

We’re here for you, which means we want your experience to be seamless. In times of high congestion or network issues, we might need to take steps such as rerouting bandwidth from quieter places to places with higher demand. It’s only to make sure things are running smoothly across our network.


Travelling abroad? Things might run a bit differently as coverage and speeds will largely depend on the overseas network in the country you’re visiting. From time to time, such as during seasonable traffic peaks (typically July to September and other holiday periods), we may need to manage the bit rate of some data services in our Go Roam destinations. This makes sure that everyone has a good experience. In our Go Roam Around the World destinations, we support streaming at standard definition. File sharing (such as peer-to peer and torrenting) and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) services may also see reduced bit rates.

Looking for more info? Check out our TrafficSense™ facts document (PDF) or our terms.

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