Problems topping-up

Problems using the internet

If you're a Mobile Broadband customer, you'll need to buy an Add-on to use the internet in the UK. If you're roaming abroad, you'll be able to use existing credit to get online.

Problems topping up by card

If you’re having problems with your credit or debit card, there are a few things to check:

  • Make sure your card’s registered to the same UK address as your account
  • Check if your card has expired
  • Double check you’ve entered all your details correctly
  • Make sure you have enough funds in your account

Still having issues? Chat with your card issuer, or you can grab a voucher top-up instead. Just so you know, we have a limit on how much you can top-up a day. This is just to protect you from fraud.

You're having problems topping-up with a voucher

There’s a couple of reasons why you might be having problems with a voucher top-up:

  • Make sure you’ve entered the voucher number correctly
  • Try turning your device off and on again
  • Check that the voucher hasn’t already been used. It can’t be activated more than once, nor cancelled once it’s active.

Remember, we can’t give refunds for vouchers.

Still having problems with your voucher code?

Give us a call.

  • For mobile phone top-ups, call 333 from your Three phone (or 0333 338 1001 from any other phone, standard rates apply). Select option 4, and then option 4 again to speak to an advisor.
  • For Mobile Broadband top-ups, call 500 from a Three phone (or 0333 338 1003 from any other phone, standard rates apply). Select option 1, enter your Mobile Broadband number, then select option 2.

Top-up not showing up

Once you’ve topped up your account, you might have to wait an hour or so. You can also try turning your device off and on again. If you’re still having issues, get in touch.

Still need help?

Get in touch. Give us a call on 333 from a Three phone, 0333 338 1001 from any other phone.

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