About online ordering

Find out all you need to know about ordering from our Online store.

Register your interest for new products

If you want to be the first to know about new products or particular devices, register your interest at three.co.uk/register-your-interest. We’ll let you know when it’s possible to pre-order or buy the device you want.


If you want to be the first to get a new device, you might be able to reserve it, and get it from us as soon as it’s in stock. Only certain devices are available to pre-order online, but pre-ordering means you’ll be able to get your hands on your new device as soon as we get it from our suppliers. All you have to do is go to three.co.uk/store and click on the pre-order button.

My order is in review.

If you’ve seen this message, then we’ll be in touch via email to confirm some details.

My order is being processed.

We’ve received your order, but due to an error or system downtime, we can’t take your payment and complete the order right now.

If this happens, we’ll usually give you a call between 8am and 10am to confirm your order and complete the payment.

You missed our call, or didn’t get one.

Get in touch with your old reference number if you have it and we’ll try and help. We’re around from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 6pm at weekends.

  • To prevent online fraud, you can only buy one item at a time right now.
  • If your basket times out and you’re not sure whether we got your order, call us on 0333 338 1001 and we’ll let you know.
  • We sell all of our Pay As You Go phones with an Add-on included so that you can get started as soon as you’ve got your phone. If you want to buy Add-ons after this one runs out, you can convert your top-up credit to an Add-on by calling 444 or in your My3 account. Find out more about getting an Add-on.
  • ‘Refurbished’ or ‘refreshed’ phones are phones that have been sold before and then returned under our Returns Policy. We test them thoroughly to make sure they’re in perfect working order before we sell them at much lower prices. These phones all have our full 12-month warranty.

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