Before you begin

There’s a couple of quick steps you need to follow before switching your number to Three.

1. First, activate your new Three SIM

To activate your new SIM, simply put it into your device and switch it on. Once you see signal bars, it’s been activated. You might need to switch off Wi-Fi to see the signal bars.

Remember: you’ll need to activate your SIM from Three before your number can be transferred.

The SIM must be activated by 17:00 on the last working day before your transfer takes place.

2. Next, request a PAC from your previous provider

You can get a PAC for free by texting PAC to 65075 from the number that you want to keep. You’ll then get a PAC within 60 seconds, and it’ll be valid for 30 days.

If you have multiple numbers with your previous provider, you may need to contact them directly to get your PAC.

Three Business customer? Go to the Business switching form.

If you’ve got your PAC ready, and you’ve activated your SIM by inserting into the handset, then it’s time to switch. Just click the button below to continue.

If you’ve already given us your PAC and there's an issue with your transfer, or you want to change the transfer date, please see our support page.