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Terms & Conditions for Add-ons


On our pay monthly and SIM plans, we offer a range of daily, short-term and long-term add-ons. The full details of which Add-ons that are available are specific to your plan and the cost of each, can be found in your Price Guide – please see Three.co.uk/priceguide.  Three reserves the right to suspend, modify or withdraw Add-ons without notice, at any time.


Daily Add-ons

Where available, these can be purchased once every 24 hours on your account, and will expire at midnight on the day of purchase. Any unused allowance will not be carried over.


Short-term Add-ons

Our short-term add-ons are designed to allow you to increase your data or minutes allowance on a short-term basis until your monthly allowance refreshes, unless stated otherwise. Each Add-on is available for purchase once per month and will last until the end of the bill cycle you’re in when you buy it. It will then drop-off your account automatically. Any unused allowance will not be rolled over to the following month.


Long-term Add-ons

Our long-term Add-ons are designed to provide you with a new or increased allowance (depending on Add-on chosen) each month. It will be applied automatically to your account each month, on a rolling basis, until you give us one-month notice to remove this. Any unused allowance will not be rolled over to the following month.