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Terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions.

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All-you-can-eat data.

If you have All-you-can-eat data units as part of your package or with an Add-on, there are no hidden ‘fair use policies’ within the UK. All-you-can-eat data units should give you all the access to the internet you would normally need, without worrying about hefty bills. It’s worth noting that even if you used your phone for every minute of every day you’d only use, subject to TrafficSense™, around 1,000 GB each month. That’s why we’ve set a usage cap at 1,000 GB, in order to identify commercial use of the service, for example, which is not permitted under the Terms for Three Services. In addition to these All-you-can-eat UK allowances you can use up to 12,288 data units (which converts into 12GB of data as 1 data unit converts automatically on use into 1MB of data) each month when in a Feel At Home destination


All-you-can-eat texts and minutes.

There’s no hidden “fair use policies” with our All-you-can-eat text units or voice units allowances either when in the UK – we just ask that you use this allowance in accordance with our Terms for Three Services – that is, for personal use only, and not for any illegal, commercial or improper purposes. In addition to these All-you-can-eat UK allowances, you also get 5,000 text units and 3,000 voice units to use respectively each month, when in a Feel At Home destination, which convert respectively into 5,000 text messages back to the UK and 3,000 minutes of calls to UK landline and mobile numbers.