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Terms & Conditions.

> All-you-can-eat data - Explained


All you can eat data allows you to use as much of the Internet or consume as much data as you wish without worrying about the cost or having to search for hidden and unfair “fair use policies”.


If your smartphone plan includes all you can eat data, then this is for data consumption actually on your smartphone.  It does not include using your smartphone as a modem to connect other devices such as laptops and tablets – also known as “Tethering”.  Tethering is included in (i) The One Plan; (ii) the One Plan SIM only; or (iii) By purchasing an Ultimate Internet Plan with the Tethering Add on. The add-on can be purchased via My3 on your handset and is also available to customers on our Talk and Text plans.


Are you an existing customer on any of our pay monthly plans (except our Essential Internet 200 plan)? You can get All You Can Eat Data for the remainder of your contract at an additional cost of £3 per month.


Does all you can eat data come with any limits?  The limit is how much your device can consume – if you were to actively use data or the Internet on your phone every second, of every day, in every month (and we would be worried if you were !!!!) you would, subject to the current traffic management requirements (which vary from time to time), use up to 1000GB per month.  So in essence there is a limit of how much data you can actually consume which is up to 1000GB.  All this means that you can have absolute peace of mind and enjoy all the internet you need on your smartphone, without worrying.