Keeping your Personal Data Private

When you use our services, have a contract with us, visit our website, or use our apps, we may need to collect, process and store information about you. On the following pages, you can find out more about why we need to collect this information, what we will collect about you, how we process your information, and much more. Our promise to you is that we only collect data with your knowledge, and that we store it securely and only for as long as is necessary. To make it easier to find what you need, we’ve broken the information down into sections. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in touch.

How we use your data

We collect info from you when you register for services with us. Our promise to you is that we only collect data with your permission. We store it securely, and only for as long as necessary. The data we might collect allows us to:

  • Process applications
  • Run fraud and credit checks
  • Keep you up to date with products and services
  • Manage your account
  • Provide products and services
  • Analyse activity
  • Develop new products
  • Do market research

  • Your data, at a glance

    Find out how we handle your info.

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