We've launched the UK's first consumer-ready 5G in partnership with Central St. Martins. Check out the launch night here.

Launched at London Fashion Week 2019, in partnership with the iconic Central St. Martins, the UK’s first consumer-ready 5G took the fashionistas by storm.

Upcoming designer Gerrit Jacob used Three 5G and Magic Leap mixed reality to technology to transform the catwalk into a virtual world and enhance his collection. Take a look…

5G allows us to combine the worlds of fashion, design and technology to create new products and experiences that’ll change our lives forever. And we’re building the UK’s fastest 5G network. With twice as much 5G spectrum as anyone else, the UK’s first cloud core network and state of the art data centres – all this so our customers can revel in all the wonders the future will spring on us.

Register your interest right now and get ready for a piece of the 5G action on Three.