Mobile Broadband on Three.

Mobile Broadband is wireless internet that uses a mobile phone network to get online. You can get on the internet using Mobile Broadband through a USB dongle, MiFi or tablet. Plus, we now also offer fast, hassle-free 4G home broadband with Three HomeFi™. Stay connected at home or on-the-go.

We’ve got broadband options to suit all budgets and needs. Mobile Broadband is available on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go. Alternatively, if you’d like to connect your existing device to the internet, just grab one of our Data SIMs.

Home broadband.

Mobile Broadband

Three HomeFi™

No wires, hassle-free, home broadband.

If you’re tired of having slow, unreliable broadband when you want it most, then check out Three HomeFi™.

Enjoy our powerful 4G network. And all without having to worry about cost, clutter or confusion.

Enjoy hassle free broadband for just £24 a month.

  • No need for a landline

    Forget about phone lines and line rental. Just pay for the Wi-Fi.

  • Just plug in and play

    No need for phone sockets or fancy installations. The HomeFi™ router comes with a 4G SIM card. Simply pop it into the back of the router and plug it in.

  • Connect multiple Wi-Fi devices

    Thanks to Three HomeFi™, you can connect 32 multiple devices to a secure Wi-Fi hotspot at any one time.

  • No lengthy contract

    Your choice of contract, stay with us for as little as 1 month or as long as you like.

Mobile Wi-Fi.

Mobile Wi-Fi is a pocket-sized, portable broadband device that allows you to connect several devices at once on the move - simply switch on, pair your device and away you go.

Data SIMs.

Connect your existing tablet, MiFi™ or dongle with a data SIM plan, choosing from our Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go deals.

iPad and Android tablets.

We have a range of great deals on the latest iPad and Android tablets - they come with a data plan, so you can choose one that suits you best.

Pay As You Go on Three.

Looking for a Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband SIM plan? Choose from a 3 month or 12 month Pay As You Go plan which is already pre-loaded with data, making it quicker for you to get online.

If you’re already a Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband customer, you can top-up by choosing one of our great value Add-ons.

If you’re not after Mobile Broadband and you’re looking for a Pay As You Go option, why not check out our Pay As You Go phones where you can choose from a range of phones from iPhone to Samsung?

SIM Only deals at Three.

Got a mobile data device already? Well, we’ve got a range of SIM Only deals that’ll be sure to suit. They’re on 1 month rolling contracts too, so you’ve got the freedom to switch around as much as you like. All you need to do is order the SIM, pop it in your device, and away you go.

Why Choose Three?

Paying extra for 4G sucks. We believe you should get fast internet at no extra cost. That’s why 4G comes as standard on all of our plans. #makeitright

Need help getting started?

Get help and support with your new Mobile Broadband device or SIM plan, and learn how to make the most of it.