Mobile Broadband.

What is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband is wireless internet that uses a mobile phone network to get online. You can get on the internet using Mobile Broadband through a USB dongle, MiFi or tablet. Mobile Broadband is used the same way you would use internet at home but you don’t need to worry about any cables or landline connections, making it even easier to get online. As long as you’re in an area that has coverage, you can get online quickly when you’re on the move.

Mobile Broadband on Three.

We offer a great range of the latest Mobile Broadband options, to suit all budgets.

This includes dongles for connecting a single device to the internet, MiFi™ for when you want to connect more than one device, tablets that come with a Mobile Broadband SIM, and SIM plans. Plus, we offer free next working day delivery for all our tablets and MiFi™devices.

Mobile Broadband on Pay As You Go.

Choose from a 3 month or 12 month Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband plan which is already pre-loaded with data, making it quicker for you to get online.
If you’re already a Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband customer, you can top-up by choosing one of our great value Add-ons.


Stay connected with our speedy MiFi™.
Our E5330 Wireless MiFi™ lets you connect up to five devices at once to our award-winning Mobile Broadband. The E5573 lets you connect a massive 10 devices to our network.

Now you can make every car journey miles more entertaining. Simply plug Road-Fi into your car’s power socket to create a Wi-Fi network. Everyone will be happy no matter how long the drive is.

Our MiFi.


Plug-in with a dongle.
Our great value dongles plug into the USB port of your existing device, enabling you to get online in no time.

Our dongles.

Tablet SIMs.

Connect a tablet, MiFi or dongle you already own with a data SIM plan. Just decide which plan suits you best, then pop the SIM into your existing device.

  • Pay monthly SIMs.

    If you prefer the control of a fixed allowance then pay monthly is the right choice. Our plans start with a one month rolling contract - so there is no long commitment, but plenty of value with our SIM Only deals.
  • Pay As You Go SIMs.

    If you love the freedom of pay as you go, then this is the SIM for you - with SIM cards from as little as £8 on PAYG.


Choose from the latest tablets.

We have a range of great deals on the latest Apple and Android tablets. They all come with a data plan, so just choose the one that suits you best.

Most popular...

Pay As You Go on Three.

If you’re not after Mobile Broadband and you’re looking for a Pay As You Go option, why not check out our Pay As You Go phones where you can choose from a range of phones from iPhone to Samsung.

SIM Only deals at Three.

What are SIM Only deals? They are SIMs that come with minutes, text and data but do not include a device in the deal. These SIMs are perfect for people who are happy with their current device and just need a SIM deal to go with their device. We have a range of SIM Only plans to choose from Three, starting from £10 a month.

Why Choose Three?

More than 98% of the UK population is covered by our 3G network, and over 80% is covered by our advanced 3G network.

Need help getting started?

Get help and support with your new Mobile Broadband device or SIM plan, and learn how to make the most of it.