Buying data and Add-ons.

Add-ons are bundles of minutes, texts and data that can tide you over if you are running low. Add-ons help you save money on the things you do most on your device. Whether you need to increase your Personal Hotspot allowance, or add additional texts, we have a range of Add-ons that suit you.

How to buy.

The Three app.

The easiest way to buy Add-ons is through the Three app. You don't even need any data, just a network connection.

You can also use the app to track your usage, view your bills and find out when you can upgrade or change your plan.

Download the Three App on the App Store. Get the Three App on Google play.
Get the Three App on Google play.

Already topped-up?

You can also login to your My3 account to buy an Add-on. Just visit the link below to get started.

Login to My3.

Pay As You Go.

Pay Monthly.

Add-ons FAQs.

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Can I buy the same Add-on more than once?

How often can I buy an Add-on?

How do I pay for an Add-on?

What if I already have a long term Add-on?

How can I buy an Add-on if I don't have data?

What if I can't log in to My3?

Can I increase my Personal Hotspot allowance with an Add-on?