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Tired of running low on allowance?

Change your plan without extending your contract. Get extra minutes and data, with no extra commitment. You can get added Three benefits too. From only £3 extra a month.

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Need a temporary allowance boost?

Our Add-ons keep up with you. If you're getting a recurring or a non recurring Add-on, we've got data for days and something to suit everyone.

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Time for a change, or need a boost?

Add-ons and changing your price plan are slightly different.

If you are going over your allowance every month, it's probably because you're not getting what you need from your plan. So, if you're looking to change things up permanently, moving to a plan that can deliver is a great option. No more worrying about running out every month.

Add-ons are boosts that help you get through the month. Whether they're recurring or non-recurring, they're there to make sure you are always connected. Don't worry about running out of data or losing a Snap streak. Just grab an Add-on and you're good to go. They are also perfect for short notice increases to your allowance, like if you're on holiday.

If your contract is coming to an end, you might consider upgrading instead. This will change your plan, upgrade your handset and have a difference in costs, in most cases. You'll have to be within a month of your contract end date to upgrade.

Boost, Boost, baby!

Three’s Daily Boost Unlimited lets you use your data as much as you like across the UK, with no hidden charges. Just £5 a day.

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Add-on & extra allowance FAQs.

How long will my Add-on last?

Which Add-ons can I get?

Can I increase my Personal Hotspot allowance with an Add-on?