Unlimited like for reals

Unlimited data

No speed limits. No data caps.
And 5G Ready at no extra cost.

When we say Unlimited data we really mean it. None of this “we’re so unlimited, but nu-uh, that’ll cost you more”. Or “jheez we kinda mean it, but at salty slow speeds”.

Nope. Not us. With our Unlimited data you can fill your boots, help yourself, be our guest. All at full pelt in the UK.  

And we’re not just talkin’ 4G. We’re talking 5G too. Imagine bingeing with split-second downloads and almost instant load times. No need to dream. With Three, you’re 5G Ready at no extra cost. All you need is a 5G handset in a Three 5G location.

Stream all you want with no limits

Stream all day

Game all night

Whether you’re on your phone or on Broadband, with our Unlimited data you can snap, ‘gram, stream, or game - all day, all night. Eat. Sleep. Binge. Repeat. Who needs sleep when you’ve got 3 levels left of CoD and 6 episodes of Downton to finish. No one. That’s who.

Unlimited - we got you covered

Get Unlimited data on a SIM Only plan

Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go. Our SIMs are 5G Ready at no extra cost, and you can get Unlimited data for your endless streaming joy. Never again will your playlist stop before getting to Taytay.

Get a SIM Only plan

Unlimited 4G and 5G
Home Broadband

Say sayōnara to allowances and hellllooooo to everything, all of the time. Never again will you run out of data before you find out who killed who in your latest Netflix fix.

Get a Home Broadband deal
5G Broadband in London
5G Broadband in London

Unlimited data for your phone

Getting through those boxsets on the way to work? Shyeah. 4G or 5G – if you’re on an Unlimited data plan you’ll never again wonder why you didn’t get any DMs for the last 7 minutes and 54 seconds.

Choose a phone deal

Just what is 5G anyway?

It’s watching the game without buffering. It’s super-smooth video calling around the world. It’s near-instant downloads. And, all our SIMs are 5G Ready at no extra cost.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any limit on Unlimited data?

There’s no hidden caps or limits when you use Unlimited in the UK. You’ll get all the access to the internet you’d normally need, without hefty bills. So you can binge to your heart’s content. But use of our services for commercial, resale or fraudulent purposes isn’t allowed. You can read more about this in our Terms for Three Services.

Our usage policy varies if you’re using data abroad. Make sure you check before you travel at three.co.uk/go-roam

Do I need an Unlimited data plan?

How much fun do you wanna have? If you’re regularly going over your data allowance – and who doesn’t – then let’s get this sorted. And if you’re gearing up for 5G then it’s defo a good idea. You’ll be burning through gigabytes like shut-up fast. And it’s all good, if you’re on Unlimited.

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