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When it comes to doing fun stuff, useful stuff, work stuff, and clever stuff on your phone, data’s your best buddy. You need tons of it and you want a network you can count on.

We reach 99% of the UK population

It was designed for getting online, but it's awesome for calls and texts too.


We're building the UK's fastest 5G network

We've got more 5G than any other UK network. And it's the good stuff. 100MHZ of fine-tuned, full-pelt, maxed-out 5G performance.

The Big Network Build

We're significantly investing to bring you faster speeds and better coverage across our 4G and 5G networks. It's part of The Big Network Build.


Why Three?

Looking to join Three?

We've got some fantastic deals, whether you're looking just for you, or for your business.

Best Network for Roaming Winner 2022 by Uswitch

We’re proud to have been voted the ‘Uswitch Best Network for Data Winner 2021’ by a panel of leading news, tech and consumer finance journalists.