Managing roaming costs.

Worldwide Data Roaming Limit

To help you manage your roaming costs while abroad, we will text you information about call charges and roaming rates in each country.

To prevent you from spending too much, we've also set a worldwide data roaming limit of £45 per month. We'll send you texts to let you know when you've reached 80% and 95% of this £45 limit.

To keep track of what you spend abroad, you can log into your My3 account on a computer.

If you don't want to receive text notifications of roaming costs, simply text 'stop' to 330. You can easily reactivate the notifications by texting 'start' to 330.

To change your data roaming limit, you'll need to call us free at +44 7782 333 330 from a Three phone. If you're not using a Three phone or calling while abroad you'll be charged standard international call charges.

If you want to change your Mobile Broadband data roaming limit, you'll need to send an email to You must send the email from the email address you used to register your My3 account. Please include a contact phone number in the email so we can call you back.

If you live close to the Northern Irish border, you may sometimes roam onto a Republic of Ireland network without meaning to; this is called inadvertent roaming. Please see important information about our inadvertent roaming policy.

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