Audio Support

We have a range of services to support deaf and hearing-impaired customers. You can register for any of these services by contacting our Customer Wellness team.

999 BSL UK Emergency Video Relay Service

999 BSL is a free emergency service for British Sign Language users who need help urgently.

You can be connected to a British Sign Language interpreter in seconds, who will then call 999 on your behalf.

Whether you need the Police, Ambulance, Fire or Coastguard, you no longer have to send a text. Now you can get the help you need by starting a video call using our website or app.

Download the app and follow the simple instructions to connect. For more information, please go to:

InterpretersLive! – Video Relay Service.

InterpretersLive is a video relay service which you can use to contact Three, with the support of a British Sign Language video interpreter. This support is available via any video platform of your choice. To get started, please visit the InterpretersLive website.

User guides are available to support users of the InterpretersLive! service.

Relay UK.

Relay UK offers users a free Text to Voice service and a free Voice to Text service.

You can access Relay UK using their app with your mobile or tablet. Alternatively, you can access Relay UK via your Minicom or Uniphone.

To find out more about the Relay UK service, please visit

In case of emergency, you can contact Emergency Services via Relay UK by dialling 18000.

Emergency SMS.

This service lets you send a text to the UK emergency services. Your message will be directed to the service you need, whether it’s the police, ambulance, fire service, or coastguard.

It’s important to remember that you need to register your phone number first. Text register to 999 before trying to use the service. You’ll get a confirmation text when you’ve been registered successfully.

Free Directory Enquiries.

We offer a free directory enquiries service to all our customers. This service allows you to search UK residential and business listings over the phone.

To gain access to this free service, you first need to register for the service with Three's Accessibility team. Once registered, simply call 195 to contact Directory Enquiries for free.

Please remember, if you do not pre-register, and you call Directory Enquiries, you will be charged for your call.

Fast device repair.

Got a problem with your phone or device? Call or join us on Live Chat and our specially trained advisors will help you out.

We know how important it is to have a phone or device that works. So, we’ll make sure yours is fixed quickly and returned to you as soon as possible.

Accessible device advice.

These services will help you pick the right phone for you:

Device support hub
Our device support hub has information on a range of different devices and their key features, including their accessibility functions.

Guide to using a mobile phone
Ofcom – the communications regulator, have published a guide to using a mobile phone that’s easy to understand.

Third-party account management.

Need someone to manage your account for you? Register for third-party account management and give a trusted friend, relative, or third-party access to your account.

Full access gives them the same level of access as a primary account holder. Or you can give them more limited access. Give us a call or join us on Live Chat and we’ll help you get set up.