Online demos for Global Accessibility Awareness Day

May 19, 2021

Graphic of people with accessibility needs standing on a globe

20 May 2021 marked the 10th anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, or GAAD for short. Our Three Discovery team celebrated this with a series of live device demos, all about accessibility. Each demo was recorded, and can be accessed any time on the Three UK YouTube channel.

Helping you get more from your device

The devices we use every day have loads of features and settings designed to make access and communications easier. It’s just a case of finding out where to find them on your device, and how they work.

The demo sessions talk you through all the accessibility settings and features on both iOS and Android devices.

Access the demos now

There are different sessions to cater for different accessibility needs. We’ll be keeping all the device demos online, so you can access these links whenever it suits you.

Guiding you through device settings for vision needs

Guiding you through device settings for hearing needs

Guiding you through device settings for dexterity needs

A guide to great apps for additional needs like ADHD, autism, and depression

What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day?

GAAD is all about getting us thinking, talking and learning about accessibility and inclusion. We should all be able to use our devices to work, watch, play. and connect. No matter what each of our unique needs might be.

Around a billion of us around the world are living with a disability. The ongoing conversation about digital access and connection for everyone has never been more important.