Meet the new iPhone SE and iPad Air

March 20, 2022


If you’re looking for an affordable iPhone, you’ll love the new iPhone SE. This 3rd generation model is an update of the popular iPhone SE series that Apple launched in 2020. It’s a great choice if you’re new to Apple and fancy trying iPhone. Or if you want a more compact, feature-packed phone that comes at a great price.

Of course, the new iPhone SE is packed with loads of incredible features we’d expect from Apple. But what exactly do you get for your money if you buy the new iPhone SE? And how does it compare to the previous model? We’ll take a closer look at iPhone SE 3rd generation here, and introduce you to the new iPad Air 10.9″ 5th generation.

What to expect from the new iPhone SE.

What’s new with the iPhone SE Camera?

Like the previous iPhone SE, the iPhone SE 3rd gen has a single-camera system. It comes with the same 12MP rear camera and 7MP front camera.

When Apple introduced the iPhone SE 2020 it claimed it was the ‘most advanced-single camera system on iPhone’. But because the new iPhone SE has a super-fast A15 Bionic processor, it’s now capable of so much more than the 2020 model. For the price it’s really impressive – in fact. the A15 chip gives you many of the features you’d get on flagship iPhone 13 range range, like:

Deep Fusion – an advanced image processing system that gives pictures better texture, detail, and reduced noise in lower light

Smart HDR4 – the latest version of Smart HDR which automatically blends photos together for a perfectly exposed image.

Photographic Styles
 – pre-set options which you can customise for hue and colour temperature. Choose Rich Contract, Vibrant, Warm, or Cold.

You also get 1080p slo-mo video recording at 120fps on the new SE. Slo-mo recording was only available up to 60fps on the previous iPhone SE, so now you can get creative with extra-slow footage. If you love recording video, you’ll be able to shoot 4k video at 60fps on the new iPhone SE, like you can with the 2020 model.

Both phones have 7MP f/2.2 selfie cameras, but because of the A15 Bionic chip on the latest SE, the images are flawless. You’ll want to share and post them everywhere.

What’s the new iPhone SE design like?

The new SE looks very similar to the 2020 version. It has the same 4.7in display and also features a Home button. Apple says that the glass on the front and back of the new SE is ‘the toughest glass in a smartphone’. But interestingly, the 3rd generation model is slightly lighter than the previous model -it comes in at 144g, compared to 148g on the 2nd gen model.

The new iPhone SE comes in 3 colours: Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT)RED – pretty similar to the colours of the 2020 model.

How about the battery life?

The battery life is slightly improved in the new iPhone SE. You get up to 15 hours video playback, compared to 13 for the 2020 SE. So, you can stream movies and shows for longer, before you need to worry about charging. There’s no change to the size of the battery itself, so this extra playback time is down to the efficiency of the amazing A15 Bionic processor, improvements in battery tech, and the usual OS optimisation.

How does the new iPhone SE 2022 compare to the iPhone SE 2020?

We love the fact that the new iPhone SE has 5G connectivity – and it’s the cheapest 5G Ready device that Apple offers. The addition of 5G, even puts the 3rd generation iPhone SE ahead of iPhone 11. And if you’ve got 5G coverage in your area, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of our award-winning, super-fast 5G network.

As mentioned earlier, the new iPhone SE comes with Apple’s A15 Bionic chip – the same one that powers the incredible iPhone 13 and the latest iPad mini. The previous iPhone SE runs on the A13 Bionic chip, which is the same one that powers the iPhone 11. Putting the A15 processor in the new iPhone SE, makes it significantly faster than the previous SE model. In fact, Apple claim it has up to 1.2x faster graphics – taking your gaming to a whole new level.

The new iPhone SE screen is the same as the 2020 version. Both have 4.7in LCD IPS displays, with 750 x 1334 resolutions for a pixel density of 326 ppi, and a 60Hz refresh rate. As mentioned earlier, you also get the same camera setup: 12MP on the rear with an f/1.8 wide aperture, and 7MP on the front with f/2.2.

Both models of the iPhone SE are IP67-rated when it comes to water and dust resistance. This is slightly short of the IP68 rating on the flagship iPhone 13 series. But don’t worry, they’ll survive a dip of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes; so, rain, sweat, and splashes won’t be a problem.

You can choose 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage for both the old and new iPhone SE.

How does the iPhone SE compare to the iPhone 13 mini?

The screen on the new iPhone SE is just 4.7in – a fair bit smaller than the 5.4in screen on the iPhone 13 mini. Although overall, the iPhone 13 mini is a smaller device and weighs 4g less than the new iPhone SE, at just 140g.

Because it has an edge-to-edge screen the iPhone 13 mini uses the latest Face ID tech, rather than Touch ID that you get on the new iPhone SE.

When it comes to dust and water-resistance the mini is rated IP68, whereas the new iPhone SE comes in at IP67. But as previously mentioned, the new iPhone SE can still easily survive the splashes and spills of daily life.

When it comes to processing speeds, the iPhone 13 mini has the A13 Bionic chip, whereas the new iPhone SE has the amazing A15. The performance and speeds of the new SE are really hard to beat.

On the iPhone 13 mini you get a dual 12MP camera system – wide and ultra-wide – but there’s a single wide camera system on both the 2nd and 3rd generation SE. The aperture on both SE models is f/1.8, rather than f/1.6 on the mini. Because of this, the latter lets in more light, so it’s better for night shots.

Overall, the iPhone 13 mini is the best phone for photography out of the 2.

Where to get your hands on the new iPhone SE.

You’ll be able to get the new iPhone SE on Pay As You Go or on a Pay Monthly contract with us on 18 March. It’s available online, in-store , or over the phone Why not pre-order your iPhone SE now?

All our phone contracts come with 5G at no extra cost on the UK’s Best Network for Data 2022.* If you want to see the new iPhone SE in action, visit your local Three store when it lands on 18 March.

iPhone SE for business.

If you’re looking for a new iPhone for you or your team, the iPhone SE business contract will be the perfect choice. You can take out an iPhone SE contract online, in-store or on 0333 338 1001.

What can you expect from the new iPad Air?

The new iPad Air 10.9” looks very similar to the previous model, but the processor is a lot faster. This means the performance and speeds on this iPad are better than ever. It comes with a 2nd generation Apple Pencil, as well as the Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio. You can order your iPad Air online today, or by calling us on 0333 338 1001.


The new iPad Air 5th generation has a stunning LED-lit LCD display, which is the same size as the iPad Air 4th gen. The resolution is also the same at 2360 x 1640 pixels, along with pixel density at 264ppi, and peak brightness at 500 nits.


The chip inside the new iPad Air is a big step up from the A14 on the iPad Air 4. It comes with the impressive Apple M1 chip that you get in all the latest iPad Pro models and in some MacBooks. It’s extremely powerful and gives you the best-ever processing speeds – perfect for serious gaming sessions or 3D design work.


Because of the M1 chip, Apple claim that the latest iPad has a 60% performance increase compared to iPad Air 4 and that it’s twice a powerful in terms of graphics performance. If you’re looking for a smooth, fast tablet that is perfect for work and play. the new iPad Air is hard to beat.


The front-facing camera has been upgraded from the previous model and the 7MP is replaced with a 12MP ultra-wide camera. It also has the impressive Centre Stage feature, which tracks you and keeps things ultra clear and in focus as you move around the room on a FaceTime call.

5G connectivity

Perhaps the best news yet, is that iPad Air now has 5G connectivity. This means a faster, smoother 5G data connection whenever a 5G network is available. Check you have 5G in your area, or see when it’s coming so you can get the most out of your new iPad Air.


The design of the latest iPad Air is the same as the previous version, with no Home button and very slim bezels that maximise the size of the display. There’s just a small 3g weight increase in the iPad Air 5th generation.

If you’re looking for an awesome all-rounder that has unbeatable power and performance, then the new iPad Air 5th gen is the tablet for you. You can get your new iPad Air on Pay As You Go, or on a Pay Monthly plan. We also offer an iPad Air business contract online or on 0333 338 1001.

In summary.

When it comes the the latest phones and tablets, Apple are always impressive. So, the iPhone SE 3rd gen and iPad Air 5th gen don’t disappoint. The best thing about the new iPhone SE is the affordable price – despite having the super-impressive A15 Bionic chip and being 5G Ready. If you’re new to Apple, this is a fantastic iPhone to get you started.