Every Mind Matters Campaign

October 7, 2019


We’re so proud to have supported Public Health England in launching Every Mind Matters back in October 2019. Joining forces with the biggest brands from construction, retail, sports, and banking, we introduced a campaign to tackle mental health. It focuses on educating the nation to understand mental health better. How to spot symptoms in others and provide help.

Did you know that 1 in 4 people experience bad mental health at some point in their lives? Every Mind Matters suggests a variety of approaches to help prepare for life’s ups and downs. It’s launching a new tool called ‘Your Mind Plan’, which offers a step-by-step guide to creating an action plan. To begin, you need to answer some questions approved by health professionals. You’ll then be given recommendations.

We want to support the health of both our customers and our staff in as many ways as we can. So, check out the new tool below.

The launch day featured a packed schedule of media coverage, interviews, and celebs all talking about their mental health experiences. People got involved by watching, reading, or telling family and friends about it. Plus, there was a synchronised showing of ‘Every Mind Matters’. This film, directed by Rankin, was written by Richard Curtis. It stars Gillian Anderson, Davina McCall, Glenn Close, Freddie Flintoff, Professor Green, and Nadiya Hussain.

For more general tips on wellbeing, you can have a read of our Mental Health Awareness article. You can also keep an eye on our Privacy and safety zone. It’s a great source of information on how to navigate the online world safely.