Holographic 5G kicks life into the 129th century

September 30, 2019


Want to see it? Feel it? Touch it?

Well, that’s what lucky people on the South Bank and a few other secret locations around London did back in October 2019.

In a world-first, we brought the real meaning of 5G to life. What did it take? A wicked combination of 5G, ground-breaking holographic technology, 4 internet stars, and a dude who worked on The Matrix, that’s what. All to show just how much of a mind blow a future on 5G’s going be.

London singer-songwriter Raye. Internet gaming star Vikkstar. And football freestylers Liv Cooke and Andrew Henderson. They were all transformed into supercharged CGI versions of themselves to showcase what 5G will mean.

Raye performed a 5G-amped DJ set that was a world away from slow streaming. Vikkstar battled buffering symbols at breakneck speed. And Liv and Andrew showed London what speedy 5G style footwork looks like.

It was a sneak peek into a 5G world that travels so fast that if you blinked, well, you’d miss it.

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