New Samsung Galaxy S22 Series: The Hottest New Features

Febuary 10th, 2022

With the S22 now on pre-order, we’re sure you’re as excited as we are to get your hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 range. But the question on everyone’s mind is: what’s new?

The S22 Ultra is designed for sophistication and unmatched power. Packed with innovative tech – including Samsung’s most advanced S Pen – this smartphone is at the forefront of creativity, and lets you enhance productivity with ease. That’s why the S22 range is positioned to be the next big thing in the smartphone game. So, we’re curious to see how its super-fast new processor, incredible Nightography features, and display specs compare between models.

Below you can discover the hottest new features on the latest Samsung Galaxy range.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs S21 Ultra: What’s New

The S22 Ultra has plenty of exciting features to look at, but let’s start with the fancy new processor. The S22 Ultra is fitted with the latest generation, first-in-the-game 4nm Exynos 2220 processor – the fastest chip on any Galaxy smartphone to date. This means you’ll have PC-like power right in your pocket.

The S22 Ultra is also the first Ultra range smartphone to come with an incorporated Samsung S Pen.

As the most advanced and fastest S Pen yet, with just 2.8ms latency, you can ensure some serious multitasking on this device. From signing documents to taking notes and sketching ideas for your next big project, this smartphone lets you settle for nothing short of absolute productivity!

The next key difference is the innovative camera tech. The S21 Ultra already boasts incredible camera specs, but the S22 manages to surpass them thanks to its smart Nightography feature. Anyone frustrated by ill-exposed photos in the dark will appreciate this new feature. The Nightography feature is designed to transform night-time photography, waving goodbye to grainy, underexposed videos and pictures, and saying hello to AI-powered brightness.

Compared to its Ultra predecessor, the S22 Ultra pushes the standards further of what a smartphone can do. The S Pen encourages and enhances productivity at your convenience and the super-fast processor makes it seamless to use. The innovative Nightography feature unleashes creativity and promises photography opportunities no smartphone has offered before. And all while looking sleek in an Armour aluminium frame and Gorilla® Glass Victus+ screen. Now, that’s smart.

Samsung Galaxy S22 & S22+ Vs S21 Range: What’s Different?

Firstly, when choosing between the S22 or S22+ it’s all about the screen size. The S22+ comes with a larger display screen, measuring in at 6.6” compared to the S22’s more compact 6.1”. So, if you’re a gamer or streamer, you might want to opt for the larger screen.

However, both smartphones make for incredibly immersive viewing thanks to the Dynamic AMOLED 2x displays. The main difference? The S22 display hits 1750nit brightness levels, whilst the S22 comes with 1300nit brightness. However, both devices come with the latest anti-glare technology. So you can enjoy entire box sets from the comfort of your sunlounger, without compromising on viewing quality – or needing a large sun hat.

But compared to the previous Samsung S21 range, what extra features do you get? As with the S22 Ultra, the S22 and S22+ are all about that powerful 4nm Exynos 2220 processor. This means you can stream, game and share your screen, all at the same time. Pretty limitless if you ask us.

With all this power at your fingertips, you can really have more fun. Not only is the S22 an ideal gaming phone, it’s also perfect for those looking for playful connectivity. So, get creative and turn your video call into a full-on virtual party thanks to Google Duo Live sharing. This feature lets you share your screen with friends, so you can watch their reaction to funny memes or the latest episode of your favourite series – all in real time. Plus, it lets you collaborate with workmates on projects and files so you can brainstorm together.

But the new Samsung Galaxy S22 range is truly about maximising creativity. To do so, Samsung have fitted the S22 and S22+ with a brand-new rear 50MP Wide camera lens, perfect for snapping incredible landscape or portrait photography. But what truly sets the S22 range apart from its predecessors is the Adaptive Pixel technology. This feature automatically adjusts exposure and keeps your shots steady, combining both results in a 108MP Re-Mosaic mode so you get the brightest, clearest and most detailed photos ever shot on a Galaxy smartphone.

S22 Ultra, S22+ or S22?

All this builds to the question – which device is right for you? It’s a tough call, but ultimately, it all depends on what’s important to you.

Looking for the best gaming phone? Then the S22 Ultra or S22+’s larger displays will satisfy the need for full-force gameplay. But if you need a smartphone that packs a punch in the most compact way possible, then opt for the S22, so you can still unleash your creativity with advanced camera capability.

All devices in the S22 range also come with an enhanced Digital Wallet for more security and added space for your loyalty cards too. And, as always, connect your devices to the wider Samsung Ecosystem to really get the full benefits of seamless connectivity.

Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy S22 device to secure your new smartphone.