Meet the new iPhone 13 range

September 21, 2021

iPhone 13 side and rear view

We’ve been on tenterhooks for months, and now the news is finally here. Apple have announced their next generation of iPhones. Introducing iPhone 13and iPhone 13 mini.

These new iPhones have been redesigned from the inside out to offer even faster performance, more beautiful graphics, new camera features, and longer battery life. And considering the specs of the still industry-leading iPhone 12, that’s no small feat.

Let’s breakdown exactly what the new iPhone 13s have to offer.

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 blue frontand rear view

Like iPhone 12, iPhone 13 comes with a 6.1 inch screen. But is a tiny bit thicker at 7.65mm to make room for the extra processing power and the dual camera system. They’ve also re-engineered the front camera so it’s 20% smaller, giving you more screen space.

The phone boasts a gorgeous aerospace-grade aluminium frame, with Apple’s unique ceramic shield front, which is tougher than any glass screen. That gives you extra protection if you scrape it or drop it. In keeping with their green commitments, they’ve actually made each one with only upcycled plastic.

The super-colourful OLED Super Retina XDR display gives you images that are 28% brighter. It’s much easier to see in sunlight. And you’ll be able to notice bright whites, true blacks, and every shade in between.

iPhone 13 is available in 5 colours – Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and Product Red.

iPhone 13 performance

The new 5G-optimised A15 processor chip is the fastest chip available in a smartphone. It has a 6-core CPU with 2 high-performance cores and 4 efficiency cores. Plus a new 4-core GPU and a 16-core neural engine.

So what do all those numbers and letters mean? It means you’ll get an iPhone that’s 50% faster than the competition. And with 30% faster graphics for when you’re gaming or streaming.

You’ll also get the most advanced machine learning technology available for photos and video, unlocking all kinds of potential for apps. Imagine videoing a game of tennis and micro-analysing your serve afterwards. What about going on a nature hike, where you can use iPhone 13 to identify every tree and flower, which mountains you can see in the distance, and how to chart your best course there.

iPhone 13 camera

iPhone 13’s advanced dual camera system includes 12MP wide and ultra-wide cameras. They let in 47% more light, revealing extra details in the dark areas of your photos. There’s also sensor-shift optical image stabilisation that always keeps your shots steady, even for those party selfies.

You can shoot 4K video in Dolby Vision HDR at 60 frames per second – but the most exciting new feature is Cinematic mode.

This creates beautiful depth effects and adds focus transitions to your videos. So if someone enters your shot, the camera will automatically re-focus on them, and then back again once they leave. And you can adjust the depth and focus after shooting too – a first for any smartphone.

iPhone 13 battery

All that new engineering has allowed room for an even larger battery. iPhone 13 runs for an extra 2.5 hours longer than iPhone 12. You’ll get an estimated 19 hours of video playback before you need a recharge.

New energy saving features have been added too. There’s no point wasting energy if you’re not on 5G. So iPhone 13 will switch you back to LTE to save your charge.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone Pro Max

iPhone 13 silver side view

The 6.2 inch iPhone 13 Pro and the larger 6.7 inch iPhone Pro Max take the impressive new features up an extra notch. You’ll get more performance power for gaming and even more features for taking professional photos and video.

With an additional CPU in the core, there’s no other smartphone with a faster chip than iPhone Pro. One of the big new features is Pro-motion, which delivers a fast, adaptive, and responsive refresh rate of 120Hz. So if the action for sports or gaming suddenly goes from slow to fast and back again, the screen can keep up. There’ll be no lag and there’s more distance and detail.

Then there’s the camera – a triple, not a dual system. The additional telephoto lens gives you a 6x Zoom, instead of 2x zoom on the iPhone 13. It also offers enhanced macro-photography. You can focus at just 2cm to capture delicate beauty and detail on the tiniest of things. You can even use it for slow motion and time-lapse videos. Time to get yourself a little seed, and watch it grow.

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max comes in its own exclusive range of colours – including silver, graphite, gold, and Sierra blue.

iPhone 13 mini 

For those who prefer something smaller in their pocket, iPhone 13 mini pretty much has it all. With a 5.4 inch screen, the only major difference between the mini and the iPhone 13 is a slightly shorter battery life. You’ll get 17 hours of full video playback as opposed to 20 hours on iPhone 13. And that’s still 1.5 hours longer than the previous iPhone 12 mini

Where to get your hands on the new iPhone 13s?

You can buy iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max from Three, online or instore. They’re all 5G Ready and available with Unlimited data.

Find your nearest Three store

All iPhone 13 models are available with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB data storage. iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max also have a 1TB model available.

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