Why Mobile Billing is the future 

October 10 2017
Reading time: 2 minutes 

Remember back in the day when you would get a paper bill through your letterbox? You’d tear it open eagerly jump around with excitement and show all your friends the latest edition? No, neither do we. Let’s face it, your plan doesn’t really change month to month, so only knowing how much you spent doesn’t mean much to you. All you really need your bill for is to check your remaining allowance and make sure you’re not caught with any unexpected extras.

Die hard Three fans (we know you’re there) will probably already know about this, but if you don’t, let us introduce you to the future.

Understanding your mobile bill

If you’ve ever looked at a paper bill with a sigh and not really understood what the point is, then we hear you. With mobile billing, everything you need is exactly where you want it to be. On your phone. Check out how much you’re spending, any Add-ons you might need and costs for the month. Plus depending on your level of organisation or numbers fascination you can opt to see this at-a-glance or itemised in minute detail.

Keep on top of your allowances

No one likes running out of data, which is why it’s important to calculate your data usage and get the right plan in the first place. But we know on those odd months when you’re waiting for the bus and watching videos on YouTube is the only thing to save you from boredom, you can creep closer to your data limit more quickly than you think. Enter, mobile billing.

Within your bill, all of your allowances are broken down by category so it’s super easy to see how many texts, minutes and GB of your data allowance you’ve used. Emergency phone calls? They’re on there. Extra downloads? Got it. Caught in a text argument? We’ve counted them.

Pictures tell a thousand…bills

What’s better than seeing your bill broken down neatly for you? Seeing it in pictures. Even the biggest technophobe can understand these easy-to-read charts. You see that little circle? When it’s nearing the 12 o’clock mark you probably need to start worrying about how much data you have left. Luckily for you, it’s easy enough to buy add-ons once you’ve realised you need a little boost.

Confused by your bill?

Sometimes even the pictures might fail you and there’s something on your bill you might not expect. Well fear not, if it’s your first bill the costs might look strange because of the separate charge to get you connected so quickly. This, along with the second charge will add up to your monthly amount, and you’ll see that each month.

The date on your bill is the date your allowances will refresh, so keep an eye out on that if you think you’re approaching. You can also update any of your personal details at any time, to make sure you’re up to date.

As a Three customer you also get the benefit of a My3 account, so everything you could ever need to know (including mobile billing) is all in one place. If you’re not already a Three customer there’s never been a better reason to trade in, empty out that drawer of discarded paper bills from 2008 and log in to the future.