1 easy thing to tick off your moving house checklist

October 28, 2020

Moving house can be really stressful. Studies have shown that people count it among the most stressful events in their whole life. Right up there with having kids or getting married. Seriously.

Of course, it’s not always that bad. There’s no need to panic if you have a house move on the way. It’s going to be hard work, but careful planning will get you through.

We can’t help much with the packing or the lifting – sorry about that. But there’s one moving house tip we can offer that makes moving easy. And that’s our no fuss, no cable, no landline, no installation, delivered next-day Home Broadband.

We can make getting back online the easiest, simplest part of your move.

It’s ready to go the day you move in

The nice thing about our Broadband is that it doesn’t need an engineer or any complicated setup. It takes just a few seconds to get it working.

It runs off our 4G and 5G network. All you have to do is plug it in. And we offer next working day delivery on all our hubs.

So it’s easy to get it delivered for just when you need it, to your new address or your old place. If it’s easier, you can pick your order up in-store too.

You can move it anywhere

Finding where to put things when you first arrive is a real hassle. Especially if there’s DIY to do.

Because our Broadband isn’t tied to a landline or cable, you can move it around with you. So if it’s ever in the way, just move it. You don’t have to arrange anything around it.

The best place to put it is usually a window, where you’ll get the strongest signal. But you really can use it anywhere there’s a plug socket and 4G or 5G coverage.

Doing DIY before you move in?

You don’t have to cancel your existing Broadband to get Three Broadband. You can keep your existing contract going at your old place. And just get a 4G or 5G hub to use in your new one.

Because assembling, lifting, and building is hard enough. You don’t want to leave yourself without motivational music and instructional vids. And this is the perfect time to start that podcast you’ve always fancied listening to.

You don’t have to take out a long contract

We get it if you’re just looking for something temporary. Three Broadband can just be a transitional thing to help you out while you move house and get settled.

You can take out a rolling monthly plan if you don’t want to commit to something long term.

You could also take a look at MiFi – our pocket-size 4G router. It’s portable so you can carry it with you to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot almost anywhere.

How do I get Three Broadband?

Just pop your postcode in our Home Broadband postcode checker. You’ll be able to see what Broadband packages we can offer at your new address.

Good luck. We hope it all goes smoothly.