Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs the Fold2: what's the difference? 

February 24 2021

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the latest to join the line-up of Samsung’s foldable flagship smartphones. Should you upgrade to the new Samsung smartphone? What advantages does the Fold3 have over its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2? We’ll show you the main differences between the latest Samsung folding phone and its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold2.

How does the design compare between the Samsung Fold3 & Fold2?

While both the flagships share similar design traits, the Fold3 has a few refinements. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 retains the vertically-folding, bookstyle design of the Fold2. And from a display perspective, the 2 phones both unfold to a large 7.6in screen. The Fold3 maximises this screen space with the introduction of the new Under Display Camera, giving you uninterrupted viewing and gaming.
The Fold3’s is lighter and more compact that the Fold2, without compromising on screen size. When it comes to colour options, the Fold3 comes in a range of 3 matte-finish colours: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver and the new Phantom Green. While the Fold2 comes in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.

Does the Fold3 have come with an S Pen?

One of the upgrades the Fold3 brings is the compatibility with the S Pen. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first foldable phone that has S Pen compatibility. This upgrade allows you to use your Fold3 like a tablet: write, make notes, or doodle on the go. The S Pen and the Multi Window feature allows you to have 3 apps open at once on the large 7.6in screen.

Does the Samsung Fold3 or Fold2 have a better camera?

Both the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Fold2 have a 5-camera system. This includes 3 pro-grade rear cameras, with 12MP sensors: including a standard, ultra-wide and telephoto lens. You can take stunning portraits with the standard lens, breath-taking landscape photos with the ultra-wide lens, or capture any object from afar with the telephoto lens. For selfies, both the Fold3 and Fold2 have a clear 10MP front camera for those special moments with friends and family.

The main difference is in Fold3’s Under Display Camera (UDC) which does away with the punch-hole cut-out at the top of the unfolded screen. Both phones can be used in Flex Mode – which allows you to prop your phone up and use it hands-free. But Fold3 takes the hands-free experience further with gesture controls: you can take timed photos by just waving your palm.

How durable is the Fold3 compared to the Fold2?

Durability is a huge concern when it comes to foldable phones. How much daily wear can it take before the phone gives up? What happens if it’s accidently dropped in water? These questions are important when you’re planning to spend a lot of money on a premium phone.

It’s good to know that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is IPX8 water-resistant, so you’re covered if you accidently dropped it in water. And it’s also dustproof. This makes the Fold3 the first ever water-resistant foldable phone to date, giving it a huge advantage over the Fold2.

The Fold3 also has a softer, scratch-resistant Protective Film made of PET (plastic) on its display, whereas the Fold2 had TPU (Urethane). This makes the Fold3 80% more durable than the Fold2, and gives extra flexibility for folding and unfolding the phone.

The new Armor Aluminum frame on the Fold3 is 10% stronger than the frame used in the Fold2, making it lighter and more durable. One key benefit of Armor Aluminum is that it can withstand any impact or drop – giving you peace of mind when accidents happen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3: is it worth it?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold3 builds upon the Fold2’s smartphone design and refines it even further. The Fold3 is the most durable, and has the best functionality of all foldable smartphones. And with added S Pen compatibility, you can multitask with ease. The Fold3 is definitely worth considering for your next upgrade.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and pre-order today.

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