Three pledges to Good Things Foundation and the National Data Bank

 February 21, 2022

Three logo and Good Things Foundation logo

We’re proud to announce that Three is teaming up with the Good Things Foundation to tackle data poverty in the UK.  

In joining the initiative, we’re pledging 1 million GB of data in aid of the UK National Data Bank. This will help an estimated 40,000 people get connected across the nation.

Battling data poverty in the UK

 We live in a world where data connection is increasingly fundamental. To be disconnected today could lead to missed opportunities, experiences and access to information. For those who can’t afford to stay connected, they’re further marginalised from opportunities that should be available to all.  

Good Things Foundation and UK National Data Bank  

Tackling data poverty in the UK, The Good Things Foundation and Virgin Media O2 teamed together in 2021 to launch the UK National Data Bank. After a successful pilot year, the initiative has strengthened in January 2022 with also pledging support for the cause.  

This initiative acts like a food bank for the digital age. It aims to diminish the digital divide and connect people who are cut off or limited from opportunities, digitised public services and access to others in their circle. 

The UK National Databank brings free mobile internet connectivity to people in need. This includes providing free SIMs, data, minutes and texts. These are then distributed through Good Things Foundation’s network of local community partners.  

UK National Data Bank 2022

 This year, the number of community partners teaming with Good Things Foundation has grown spectacularly – from 9 in 2021 to a total of 34 in 2022. With Three pledging 1 million GB of data, we aim to support its continued growth. With our contribution and the networks coming together in support of the cause, we hope to make a positive impact against data poverty in the UK.

Aid from the UK National Databank is currently being offered to those already supported by the local community partners involved.