Are you ready for 5G broadband to rock your world?

February 7, 2023

Gamers playing devices on 5g broadband

Get ready to meet the next generation of home internet. Whether you’re streaming a big game or video calling across time zones, 5G broadband makes it easier for you to enjoy the little connections that make life richer.

Here’s everything you need to know about 5G home broadband, including how it works and how it compares to 4G broadband.

What is 5g home broadband?

So, what exactly is 5G broadband and what does it do?

5G is the latest in mobile networking technology, delivering a massive leap forward in both speed and quality. 5G home broadband gives you faster speeds for heavier streaming, making it perfect for busy homes with lots of screen time going on.

5G broadband allows you to level up your gaming, entertainment, business, shopping, and more. The increased capacity for multiple users allows you to do away with gaming lag, even while another user is on a work video call in another room. It’s the perfect option for the household that wants to do everything at once!

How does 5g broadband work?

5G broadband works in the same way as previous generations of mobile network, but with elevated ability. Like 4G broadband, a system of sites sends data through radio waves, with each cell site connected to a network which carries data from your device to where it needs to go. 5G home broadband uses fixed wireless access technology, meaning there’s no landline, no engineer, and no waiting around. 

How does 5g home broadband compare to 4g home broadband?

5G broadband is the natural progression from 4G broadband for the online user who wants it all. While 3G technology powered the smartphone revolution and 4G brought a leap forward for data, 5G will allow game updates and high-res movies to be downloaded in minutes.

Crucially, 5G is not only much faster than 4G home broadband, but it also allows for much higher quality streaming without interruption, even when multiple people in a home all want to use it at the same time.  

Gamers playing devices on 5g broadband

Can 5G replace home broadband and is it better than fibre?

5G broadband is a great wireless alternative to fibre optic broadband for anyone who struggles to get fast and reliable connections in their area or doesn’t want a fixed line. Though 5G internet won’t completely replace traditional home broadband just yet, it does offer more broadband options for you, depending on your home internet needs. It’s often considered a better option than traditional fibre, especially for those who live in rural areas or large blocks of flats. 

So, is it worth getting 5G broadband?

The main benefit of 5G home internet is that it has lightning-fast speeds with less buffering and virtually no lag.  It allows multiple people to use the internet without putting a strain on your connection, meaning the whole house can enjoy more of everything, all at the same time. No landline, fibre optic cable, or engineer also means that you can set up your new 5G home internet in seconds. You only have to plug your wireless 5G broadband hub in and you're ready to go.

So, if you’re in a 5G zone and want a super reliable internet connection without the hassle of a landline, 5G broadband might just be a game-changer for you. 

What is the best 5G home broadband?

When it comes to 5G broadband customers, we know that you’ll need super-fast streaming, razor-sharp gaming, and near-instant downloads. So, we’ve delivered that and more.

Our 5G home broadband isn’t just fast. According to Ookla®, Three is the UK’s fastest 5G network[1]. We’ve dedicated 140MHz of spectrum to delivering our 5G internet service. That’s 50MHz more than any other UK network operator, providing you with average download speeds of 150Mbps and 4K streaming capabilities.

You have the added benefit that all our 5G broadband plans come with truly unlimited data, giving you as much data as you’ll ever need. We also offer next working day delivery too, so you can get connected as soon as possible. What’s more, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can see just how fast our service is worry free! 

How much does 5G home internet cost?

At Three, we offer 1-month and 24-month contracts to suit you starting from £10 a month with 6 months half price. All of our 5G broadband deals come with no set-up fee. Our 5G home broadband only deals come with no upfront costs if you choose a home hub, mobile router or Pay Monthly data SIM-only deal. If you choose 5G Broadband on Pay as You Go, you’ll need to pay an upfront fee. 

How do you get 5G home broadband?

We’re rolling out our 5G internet service across the UK and it’s available in selected areas now. We’ve made it super easy for you to find out if 5G broadband is available in your area with our postcode checker.

If you’re not in a 5G zone, we still have great 4G home broadband deals for you to check out or mobile broadband options to help keep you connected when you’re out and about. You can also register your interest to keep up with the latest 5G news, so you can be the first to join the party when 5G internet arrives in your area.

If you’re looking to switch to our 5G broadband, it’s really simple. Call your current provider to see your options for cancelling, then order your 5G home broadband online, or in your local Three store.

If you’re in a 5G zone and ready for 5G internet to rock your world, check out our home broadband deals.