Home Broadband, 
without the landline

Enjoy smoother, faster connections with Unlimited Data. No landline. No line rental fees. No engineer. No waiting. Order today, be online tomorrow.

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Benefits of Broadband without a landline

  • No landline. No landline rental fees.
  • No engineer installation necessary.
  • Order today, be online tomorrow.
  • Access the UK’s Fastest 5G network.

Frequently asked questions

Is Three Home Broadband always without a landline?

Our Home Broadband and other broadband offerings are landline free, always. So, you’ll never have to worry about landline installation, no matter which plan you opt for. If you’re looking for on-the-go solutions, check out our Mobile Broadband.

Is Three Home Broadband always without a landline?

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) allows broadband to work without a landline. This is achieved when a connection is created between a cell phone tower and antennas within a hub. The antenna receives a radio signal and converts it into a Wi-Fi signal. Using this method, you can connect all your devices to a powerful Wi-Fi network.

Is broadband without a landline cheaper?

If you’re not using your landline for something else (a telephone line or another broadband connection perhaps) then yes, it can work out cheaper as you wouldn’t be paying a line rental fee. Happy days.

Is broadband without a landline quicker to install?

In most cases, yes. As our Home Broadband doesn’t rely on a landline to work it means you don’t have to wait for an engineer to show up and install a landline connection (which can sometimes take weeks depending on the demand in your area). Plus, order by 8pm, and you can get next-day delivery. Easy.

Can I get broadband with Three as well as using broadband from another provider?

Yes, you can. As Three’s Home Broadband doesn’t need a landline to work, this leaves the landline (if you have one) open for use by another provider. Meaning you use two providers if you choose to. Maybe one provider for work and one for the family to connect to day to day.

Is broadband without a landline right for me?

The main advantage of using 4G and 5G broadband is the ease of setup. As they don’t require a landline, you won’t need to wait around for an engineer to install it. One less thing to check off on the list of things to do when moving house or organising a new broadband provider. It’s also great for renters looking for shorter and longer term contracts.

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