Who is Xiaomi? Here’s everything you need to know

November 8, 2018


They’ve arrived in the UK, bringing the Mi 8 and RedMi 6A with them. But who is Xiaomi? Here’s everything you need to know, including a little bit of history.

How is “Xiaomi” pronounced?

Firstly, let’s answer the question that’s probably popped into your head straight away: how do you say “Xiaomi”? It’s easy – Xiaomi is pronounced shao-mee.

Who is Xiaomi?

Founded back in 2010, Xiaomi are a Chinese manufacturer that prides themselves on “making quality technology accessible to everyone“. They’ve become famous across the world for flagship-style phones that don’t cost a fortune.

And even though they’re relatively new to the smartphone market place, Xiaomi are comfortable competing with the big players. Earlier this year, they were named as the 4th biggest smartphone vendor behind Samsung, Apple, and Huawei – seriously impressive stuff.

Do Xiaomi only make phones?

Nope. Xiaomi haven’t limited themselves to smartphones. “Making quality technology accessible to everyone” is their philosophy, after all. From wearable tech like the  Mi Band 2 to the Mi Electric Scooter, Xiaomi has you covered.

What are Xiaomi phones like?

Want to know what to expect from a Xioami phone? Here’s some info on their back catalogue.

Mi 1

Xiaomi released their first smartphone: Mi 1. Even then, they fully embraced making quality tech available to everyone. The Mi 1 was a top-spec phone at a fraction of the cost.

Mi 2

The Mi 2 followed in 2012 with upgraded specs and the welcome addition of an HD display. It was also the first smartphone to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor.

Mi 4

Fast forward to 2014 when Xiaomi introduced us to the Mi 4 – quoted by many as being one of the best phones of 2014. With its amazing build quality, speedy software, and beautiful design, it’s easy to see why.
Later that year, Xiaomi was crowned the third largest smartphone manufacture in the world. Pretty awe-inspiring, considering they didn’t ship to Europe or the USA at this point.

Mi 5

Xiaomi’s most gorgeous smartphone yet. A sleek, curved back, lightweight body, and super-thin bezels, it certainly looked like a top-end flagship smartphone. And, with the Snapdragon 820 processor, excellent battery life, and enviable camera, it acted like one too. All while staying in that all-important “affordable” price bracket. Impressive stuff, Xiaomi.

Mi 6

You’d be forgiven for expecting Xiaomi to cut some corners to help keep costs down, but that’s never been the case. And the Mi 6 was no exception.

The Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB RAM made the Mi 6 an awesome performer. The dual-lens rear camera rivalled most of the high-end competition. And the smooth, curved glass back with perfectly rounded corners made it feel the part too.

So, what’s next?

Xiaomi’s arrived in the UK with the Mi 8 and the RedMi 6A. Get yours exclusively on Three, and use your phone abroad at no extra cost with Go Roam.