The Xiaomi Mi 11: 2021’s flagship killer

 April 16, 2021

Xiaomi MI 11 front view

When you think of Xiaomi, you probably think of great value low and mid-range devices. After all, that’s what they’ve built their reputation on in recent years. But with the release of their latest flagship – the Xiaomi Mi 11 – has Xiaomi asserted itself as a true contender to the likes of Apple and Samsung?

With a professional array of cameras, top-spec display, and software features that’d make the big player’s blush, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Cameras fit for Hollywood

The Mi 11 is packed with high-end hardware, but it’s the cutting-edge cameras that stand it apart from the crowd. There are 4 sensors on board:

  • A 108MP main shooter with optical image stabilisation
  • A 13MP ultrawide lens for capturing landscapes
  • A 5MP telemacro lens for detailed close-ups
  • A 20MP front-facing camera for sharp selfies

With this range of lenses at your fingertips, you’ll capture stunning images in any scenario.

But perhaps this could be said for most phone cameras on the market. It’s when shooting video that a lot of devices fall short – and where the Mi 11 truly shines.

Xiaomi’s flagship can capture footage in up to 8K resolution in HDR10+ – the industry standard for high dynamic range. You can even shoot at 24 frames per second (fps) for a more cinematic feel. The phone’s advanced electronic image stabilisation will keep your footage steady if you leave your tripod at home too.

Of course, every great director needs a great cinematographer, and the Mi 11’s AI-enhanced software takes up this mantle. It ensures every shot is Oscar-worthy.

The Ultra Night Video feature, for instance, uses real-time noise reduction to sharpen low-light footage, and One Click AI Cinema applies Hollywood-grade visual effects with a tap. Magic Zoom lets you achieve a Spielberg-esque dolly zoom effect and Slow Shutter adds a sense of speed and dynamism to action scenes.

Check out how our Discovery team got on testing these camera features in the video below.

A cinema in your pocket

What would be the point of capturing all this amazing footage if you didn’t have a stellar display to watch it back on?

Thankfully, the Mi 11 comes equipped with a 6.8 inch QHD screen and speakers tuned by Harman Kardon. It’s like having a surround-sound cinema right there in your pocket, perfect for watching Netflix, editing your own movies, or playing blockbuster games.

The display also has a 120Hz refresh rate that makes interacting with content buttery smooth, and HDR10+ certification means films look dynamic and true-to-life.

All bases covered

Aside from the cameras and display, the Mi 11 has all the features you’d expect of a top-of-the-line flagship:

  • A massive 4600 mAh battery that charges to full in just 45 minutes
  • 256GB of storage for all those 8K videos and 108MP photos
  • 8GB of RAM with Snapdragon’s 888 chipset for zippy performance
  • Face recognition and in-display fingerprint reader for security
  • A customisable always-on display
  • Loads of additional software features in MIUI12

Don’t sleep on the Xiaomi Mi 11

If you’re due an upgrade, the Mi 11 deserves your consideration. Xiaomi may not carry the same heft as Samsung or Apple, but the Mi 11 – being jam-packed with excellent tech – proves that they’re hot on their heels.

With the release of the Mi 11, Xiaomi has begun its transition from underdog to one to watch.

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