Stay safe at home

Securing your connected devices in the home

Our homes are becoming increasingly connected with multiple devices communicating via Wifi. Think house alarms, CCTV, light switches, TV's and even in some cases our cars. These items may not look like traditional devices like computers, smartphones or tablets but they are just as susceptible to hackers operating from anywhere in the world without the right protection. With the right know how they may be able to stream live footage from your CCTV system or edit your next food order.

The good news is that there are some very simple steps that you can follow to prevent this from happening. Read on to learn more.

Change the default password.

Often when we buy things they have a simple default password. It might be '1234' just to help you get started and is often the same for everybody who bought that particular product. Follow the manufacturers instructions to change the default password to a new value that only you know. You can find out more about choosing a strong and secure password in our Secure Smartphones and Tablets guidance.

Secure your Wifi.

Ensure your Wifi is using WPA-2. Choose a strong password and keep your Wifi password known only to those who need to know it. Check with your service provider for instructions on how to change the value it came with and change it.

  • Be aware of what data a device is collecting. Where available as a setting on the device or app turn off unnecessary permissions.
  • Keep your software up to date. Some devices can be updated with more modern and secure versions of the software they operate on. If this is possible on your device check regularly that you are on the latest supported version.
  • Turn it off! If you don't actually need something to be on all the time turn it off. It's very hard to compromise something that has no power and it’s good for the environment and your electricity bill!