What we collect

To enable us to provide services to you, to enter into a contract with you, and to manage your account, it’s important that we collect, process, and store various parts of your personal information.

When you provide us with your personal information, you agree that it will be true, complete, and accurate and to tell us immediately if any of it changes. If you don’t provide the relevant personal information to us, or if it’s inaccurate, we may not be able to provide services to you. If we reasonably believe that you’ve supplied us with false or inaccurate information, or if we suspect fraud, we may delay any connection or suspend your access to Three services and/or Third Party Extras until an investigation has been completed to our satisfaction.

If you provide us with information about another individual, or register a device in the name of another individual, you must have their agreement to do so, or be acting with legal authority.

The services and products you use will determine the sorts of personal information we may hold. Below, we cover some of the types of information we may collect, process, and store:

  • Your name, current, and previous addresses, length of time at these addresses, email address, phone number, gender, and date of birth.
  • Information about your employment status and history, as well as lifestyle information. 
  • Your payment card and/or bank details. This enables the settlement of bills. 
  • Contact we have with you. For example, whenever you speak to one of our representatives in our Customer Services team via phone or chat, they’ll leave notes against your account recording the purpose of that interaction. If you call or webchat with us, we may also record the call or store the transcript of the chat in line with our company retention policies. 
  • Information generated through the use of your phone, such as call information, location information, and dynamic IP address. We use this to ensure you can stay connected and use your phone or broadband connection. It also enables us to accurately bill you for usage of our services. 
  • Location-based information. We use this to provide location-based services requested by you. We may also share your location data with the emergency services if you call 999 or 112 using your device. This is to help them locate you in the event of an emergency. If you have an Android operating system 2.3 or above, or an iPhone with iOS 11.3 or above, your device may automatically transmit location data to the emergency services for the same purpose. 
  • Information about your phone, including the unique codes that identify your phone and SIM card. 
  • Information you share when you use our websites. We do this by using Cookies
  • Information that enables us to manage your account, such as account number, payment date information, and other information available in My3. This also includes contact history notes. 
  • Your preferences for particular products and services when you have given them to us (e.g. through Three+) or products we assume are of interest, based on your choices and how you use our products and services. 
  • Information you provide us to protect your account, such as passwords. Such information is used to validate access to your account. We collect and store this securely.
  • In some cases, where permitted by law, special categories of personal data or personal data pertaining to criminal convictions and offences. Special categories of personal data cover things such as: 
    - racial or ethnic origin,
    - religious or philosophical beliefs,
    - data concerning health,
    - trade union membership,
    - political opinions, or
    - data concerning your sex life or sexual orientation

Special category personal data is only collected and processed with your explicit consent. For example, we may hold information about accessibility needs to enable us to provide you the best customer service experience. We’ll ask your permission if we wish to use or share this information beyond the original reason we collected it.

Personal information collected from other sources

There are times when we will also need to collect or receive your personal information from other sources. This includes from:

a) Credit reference agencies, also known as credit bureaus
b) Fraud prevention agencies
c) The Electoral Register
d) Marketing organisations
e) Commercial partners who supply goods and services to us

Retention of data

We’ll keep your personal information for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. We do this to provide you with services, and to conduct our legitimate business interests or where otherwise required by law. This includes retaining your information until charges for Three Services cannot be lawfully challenged, and legal proceedings may no longer be pursued.

Generally, if you use Three Services, we’ll hold your communications data for up to one year for legitimate business purposes (or longer in connection with any legal proceedings or disputes). Your account information will be kept after your relationship with Three ends to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

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