Smartwatch Pairing Plan on Three

Share your plan allowances with your smartwatch to always stay connected.

With our Smartwatch Pairing Plan, you can connect your smartwatch to your phone on Three. You’ll be able to share your call, text, and data allowance between the 2, and leave your phone at home.

Always in touch

If you’re at the gym or on a run - or you’ve accidentally left your phone at home - you won’t miss any emergency calls or texts.

Share your allowance

Share your phone plan allowance with your smartwatch. Make calls, send texts, and use data when you’re out and about.

Your music, your way

You don’t need to download your playlists onto your smartwatch. With our Pairing Plan you can stream music from your watch using your data allowance.


How to get started with Smartwatch Pairing.

Step 1.

Go to the smartwatch app on your phone and follow the instructions to pair it with your watch. You’ll also get prompted to activate cellular, which you need to be able to call and text on your watch.

Step 2.

Activate your Smartwatch Pairing Plan if you bought it with a phone and watch bundle. If not, set the plan up now.

Step 3.

Once you’re done, it should take around 30 minutes for your phone to pair with your watch, but it may take a little longer. For help and information, visit Smartwatch Pairing support.

Supported devices

You can pair the Apple Watch GPS + Cellular model with iPhone 6s, or above on Three. You’ll need iOS15 - or later - installed on your iPhone. Find out more about Apple Watch on Three.

We’ll be introducing other manufacturers and devices on our Smartwatch Pairing Plan soon.

Need help?

For help with our Smartwatch Pairing Plan and connecting your phone and smartwatch on Three, please go to Smartwatch Pairing support.

Smartwatch Pairing made simple

Our quick video shows how easy it is to share your minutes, texts, and data with your smartwatch.

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