Shaping a better world.

We’re empowering communities to get connected, and to make people’s lives better.

Three and Samaritans

Our partnership with Samaritans aims to connect 1 million people to emotional support. The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on the UK population’s mental health. We can use our technology, retail stores and expertise to help more people access emotional support, 24/7, 365 days a year. All through our partnership with Samaritans.

Samaritans Training School
We’re helping Samaritans answer the call for more volunteers by becoming a proud supporter of the Samaritans Training School, a project designed to make the charity’s volunteer training more flexible and accessible.Three’s funding will help Samaritans recruit and train 300 more listening volunteers who will go on to deliver around 13,000 hours of volunteering – answering around 50,000 calls from people who need emotional support.

FRESH STARTS at University
A move to university can be an exciting, life-changing, and sometimes nerve-wracking time. For everyone involved. It’s a big change. But it’s also a great adventure. Filled with new beginnings, new places, new friends and a new ‘everyday’. We’ve teamed up with Samaritans to create some top tips for parents and students.

Talk More Than Football
On 15 April 2023, we brought together our Samaritans partnership with our sponsorship of Chelsea F.C. at a #TalkMoreThanFootball matchday takeover during Chelsea vs. Brighton at Stamford Bridge. #TalkMoreThanFootball aims to encourage football fans to open up about their mental health.Reaching out to see how someone is doing can make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Become a Better Phone Friend
We call, we chat. We hear them. But are we really listening? Sometimes, listening is the only thing they need. It can be the difference between feeling connected and safe. Or feeling all alone. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Together with Samaritans, we want to help everyone learn how to become a Better Phone Friend.

Samarathon: the marathon run around your life
Since 2021, we’ve been the proud sponsor of Samarathon. It’s a great way to improve wellbeing and get active throughout July, as participants run, jog or walk 26 miles over the month. And our people love getting involved – boosting their wellbeing and raising funds for Samaritans along the way.

Digital skills with Discovery

Our communities can make the most of the online world with our free Discovery sessions. Online or in store, we’re helping people to gain and develop their digital skills. These free courses inspire our customers and community groups to get more from digital technology. From getting to grips with the basics, to supporting small businesses’ with their online ambitions, we’re getting people better connected.


For most of us, being connected via a smartphone is something we take for granted. But, for millions of people in the UK, smartphones are a luxury they just can’t afford. We believe phones are a necessity they can’t afford to miss out on. Since 2017, we’ve been working with some incredible charities to help disadvantaged people all over the UK get connected to the digital world, with Reconnected.

National Databank

We’ve pledged 1 million GB of data to the UK National Databank to help an estimated 40,000 people get connected. Good Things Foundation’s National Databank gives community groups across the UK access to free data – either via SIM cards or vouchers – that they can share with those who are digitally excluded and need support. The Databank is also open for new applicants, and community groups and charities interested in joining can find out more about joining the databank.


Volunteering is a great way to support the causes we’re passionate about. That’s why at Three, our people can take 3 days’ paid leave to volunteer, every year.

Staying safe online

Phones are good – they entertain us, they make life easier, and they keep us connected with friends and family. However, the internet and social media attract trolls and online bullies. Nobody likes them. We’ve all seen them and worryingly, lots of us – children and adults alike – have experienced cyberbullying first-hand. Read our guide for staying safe online along with top tips and what to do if you’re being bullied online.

Connected Communities

We’re connecting youth clubs across the country to our 5G network, offering digital development and opportunities to underprivileged communities. Connected Communities aims to bridge the digital divide, making online skills and access available to those who need it most.