Sustainable Procurement

We ensure our suppliers have the same values and standards as us.

It’s vital that everything we do has a meaningful impact on society, so we work hard to make sure our suppliers follow the same high standards that we expect of ourselves. It’s our responsibility to ensure integrity and transparency in our supply chains, and to manage risk through robust processes and systems.

Three is at the start of its sustainability journey. And we’re making great strides to embed these ethical principles into our procurement process.

Supply chain risk

There are many risks associated with a communication and technology supply chain, including forced labour, conflict minerals, health and safety, and climate change. We’re making sure that new and existing suppliers are consistently making the right choices, and managing these risks effectively.

Our Expectations

We want the ultimate transparency when it comes to our suppliers’ sustainability practices.

So, we’ve partnered with EcoVadis — a sustainability ratings agency — to conduct an independent review of our supply chain partners. All of our key suppliers will be rated and the EcoVadis Scorecard results will be integrated into our supplier performance management processes. More information regarding Three’s sustainable procurement efforts and how to register for the assessment, can be found here.

We’ve also recently partnered with RapidRatings, an organisation that provide an in-depth, independent financial rating analysis on public and private companies. RapidRatings will work with our key suppliers to support our initiatives in improving transparency, increasing communication, and building strong relationships founded on the basis of financial visibility.

Shared values

We’ll only partner with organisations who have the same values as us. And this Supplier partner Code Of Conduct sets out the minimum standards of behaviour and practices that we expect from our suppliers.

We use the Code of Conduct’s principles when forming new business relationships, and we monitor how suppliers live up to these principles throughout the life of each contract.