All about Go Binge

Go Binge is one of Three's legacy customer benefits. If you took out a plan between 24 April 2018 and 30 September 2020 on any of the below plans and you haven't chosen to opt out, you'll automatically have Go Binge.

Plans with Go Binge entered into between 24 April 2017 and 30 September 2020

  • All Advanced Pay Monthly and SIM Only plans of 12GB and above
  • All Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband plans of 15GB and above
  • All Simply Business plans of 10GB and above

New plans taken out after 1 October no longer include Go Binge, but we do have some awesome benefits of being on Three.

If you already have Go Binge, you won't lose it. If you're on one of the above plans and have previously opted out of Go Binge, you can ask us to switch it back on. Just give us a call.

What to do if you think your streaming data has come out of the wrong allowance

If you think your usage has come out of the wrong allowance, check the restrictions of the offer. If you still believe it's wrong, get in touch so we can look into it.

Are subscriptions included in Go Binge?

Nope. Go Binge is all about the data. If any of the services you use need a subscription, you'll need to set this up yourself.

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