About your first bill

You’ll get your first bill within 10 days. It’ll be higher than usual, because it includes more than just your first month. 

We’ll send you a notification when your bill is ready and let you know when the payment’s due. You can view your bill in the Three app or in My3.

What’s included in your first bill

In the breakdown of your first bill, you’ll see Monthly price plan charges followed by 2 charges: 

This pink square represents the first few days on the calendar image to the right. The first charge is for the first 2-6 days of your plan. This one-off charge lets you use our network right away while we’re setting up your account.

This beige square represents the first full monthly charges on the calendar image to the right.The second charge is your first full monthly charge. You’ll see this on all future bills.

These charges make up the Total monthly price plan charges for your first bill. 

Any Add-ons or discounts will show as 2 charges, with the first covering the initial 2-6 days of your plan. And the second for your first full month. Remember, this is only for your first bill. After that, you’ll be billed at the agreed monthly cost, plus any charges for services used outside your normal allowance. 

Got a Device plan? You’ll see a breakdown of your device plan agreement on the front page of your first Airtime bill. ​

Your monthly device payments won’t be shown there, though – that’s a separate contract with a separate Direct Debit payment.

Need a Device plan statement? Give us a call, and we’ll help you out. 

Calendar shows dates from 26th to 15th. First bill shows first 2 to 6 days in pink and full month in beige

* Specific dates shown are indicative only

More information on your first bill

Number of connections

This is where you can find your Three phone number and any other connections associated with your billing account. 

If you’ve brought your number to Three from a different network, you’ll have a temporary number for a few days. It’ll show on your bill as a separate connection for the days before your number was moved from your last network. 

VAT charges

VAT is included in the cost of the products and services you buy from us. ​

To show you the breakdown of how much of VAT is being charged, you’ll see a combination of your monthly recurring charges, other charges, discounts, and credits before VAT is applied.​

You’ll then see the total charges after VAT is applied and the total amount due to be taken on your payment date.​

Here’s how to get a VAT invoice if you need one. 

About eBills

Unless you've requested otherwise, you’re automatically set up to get eBills. We’ll send you a text or email every month to let you know your eBill’s ready.

You can see your full eBill by going to your account on your computer. Or you can find a summary of your bill on the Three app. 

If you’re a Three Business customer, you won’t receive eBills. Call us free on 337 from your Three phone to discuss your bill. 

Learn more about getting started with Three.

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