Extended Warranty FAQs

Only Three Your Way Complete and Value Plans on 12 month and 24 month contract can get Extended Warranty for up to 3 years (36 months), until they upgrade their plan or leave Three.

Please note, Extended Warranty only applies to the handset you purchased at the time of taking out your Three Your Way contract.

You will need to go to you to nearest Three retail store, who’ll help you with your claim request through our partner Ingram. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to claim this benefit Online or via the Contact Centre.

The repaired device will be delivered either to the address provided by you or to the store where the booking was made, within 5 days from booking.

Ingram will email you once your repaired device has been shipped. If you opt for the device to be returned to the store, Three retail store advisor will contact you to inform you that your device can be collected.

Unfortunately, loan phones will not be available.

You'll need to remove your SIM card, disable FMIP (Find My iPhone Activation Lock is an iOS feature that secures your device against anyone else trying to use or sell your lost or stolen device). Please be advised that any personal data will be erased during the repair process, so you should back up data to the cloud.

FMIP must be disabled, and screen locks need to be removed where possible.

If your device is FMIP locked or shows evidence of physical or water damage, then the device cannot be covered under an extended warranty.

The extended warranty should be valid through your device suffering from electrical or mechanical fault through normal use during the warranty period. In which case, we will repair or replace it for free, including all parts and labour. What is not covered is:

  • Any faults or damage not covered by the manufacturer warranty whilst your device is still within the original manufacturer warranty period;
  • Wear and tear or deterioration due to normal use or exposure;
  • Cosmetic damage including but not limited to scratches and dents that do not affect the normal functioning of the product;
  • Malfunction or damage due to any cause not attributable to the manufacturing and design of the product. This can include accidental damage (including dropping your device), liquid damage, fire, neglect, viruses or improper use;
  • Replacement of consumable parts, such as batteries that degrade over time through normal use. For batteries this means that ordinary degradation is not covered;
  • Any device where the serial number has been defaced or removed;
  • Faults caused by any unauthorised servicing, repairs, or internal cleaning of your device unless undertaken by a manufacturer approved service provider. For example, this includes scenarios where your device has been opened by a non-approved person before you send it to us for repair;
  • Any data, software or apps installed on your device such as contacts, photos, or music

Ingram will contact you to provide a repair quotation.

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