About Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband

Your Mobile Broadband device and SIM come ready to use. You can find out how to get started by visiting our device support and selecting your device.

You’ll get your first bill within a few days. It’ll be higher than usual because it’ll include charges for the first 2-20 days of your plan, plus the full cost of the following month. 

That’s just for the first bill, though. After that, you’ll be billed at the agreed monthly cost (plus any charges for services used that are outside of your normal allowance).

We’ll send a notification when your bill’s ready and let you know when payment is due.

You can view your bills in your My3 account.

What's included in your first bill

On your first bill, you'll see 2 charges:

This square represents the first few days on the calendar image to the right. The first charge is for your first 2-20 days. This is a one-off charge so you can start using our network right away while we set up your account.

This square represents the first full monthly charges on the calendar image to the right.The second charge is your first full monthly charge. You'll see this charge on all your following bills.

These 2 charges combined will add up to the amount on your first bill. The date printed under Your bill date is when your allowances will reset.

You're automatically set up to receive eBills. We'll send you a text or an email if you have a tablet every month when your eBill is ready. You can see all your eBills in your My3 account.

First bill calendar graphic showing first 2 to 20 days in pink and full month in beige

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