Roaming charges for your destination

The costs for calls, texts, and data usage is set out below, with a fair use limit for data up to 12GB.

Remember to Review your Spend Cap before leaving the UK, to make sure you make calls, send texts and use data. A Spend Cap limits how much you can spend above your monthly plan.

Prices are shown including VAT where applicable.
For more information about roaming charges please check our Price Guide.

*We are unable to offer rates for data roaming in this destination

These charges apply to the destinations below. If you don’t see your destination in the list, check out our roaming destinations list to find the right destination for you.

Calls to the UK

To call or text a UK number from this destination, you'll need to replace the first 0 with +44.

Important info about roaming in this country

Countries are starting to switch off their 3G services, and you won't be able to call, text and use data in that country if you're using a 3G device.

As there will be an upcoming 3G switch off, to stay connected when you're here, you'll need a 4G device and 4G Calling Abroad enabled in your phone or tablet settings if 3G is not available.

Please remember that having a 4G device isn't enough - check that your device has the latest software installed and that 4G Calling Abroad is enabled in the settings.

To check if your device is compatible with 4G Calling Abroad, go to Device support. When you've found your device, tab Specification and scroll down to Network. It will say whether it's compatible here. 

Data Passport

Data passport is available in some destinations around the world. For £5 a day, a Data Passport gives you unlimited data to use as you like while abroad. Data Passports last until midnight GMT+1 on the day of purchase.

To check if Data Passport is available in your destination, click the link below.


Ivory Coast

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