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Good news - from 26 June 2024, 92 new destinations will become Go Roam Around the World Extra. And if you joined or upgraded to a Pay Monthly plan on or after 1 October 2021, you'll be able to use your UK allowances in any of those destinations.


Please note: Go Roam Around the World Extra is not available on Pay As You Go or if your Pay Monthly plan started before 1 October 2021. Using your device in these destinations will continue to be charged at current standard roaming rates.


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Before you travel

Check your data roaming settings 

With data roaming switched off, you can still make calls and send texts. 

Review your Spend Cap 

Control your monthly spend on calls, texts, and data usage not included in your monthly plan. 

Frequently asked questions

Go Roam lets you unlock and use your call, text, and data allowance in over 71 destinations worldwide.

Find out more about Go Roam.

Roaming is what lets you use your phone while travelling abroad. To use it, data roaming must be switched on in your device settings. 

You can find out how to update your data roaming settings on our roaming settings page.

You can use Go Roam or a Data Passport to save money on your phone bill while travelling abroad. 

If you get caught up in a natural disaster or a national or international emergency while you’re roaming abroad – don’t worry. 

The last thing you need to worry about is your phone bill, so we’ll take care of it.  

And, if a loved one is affected by an event abroad and you’ve been using your phone to keep in touch with them, we’ll help you out.

Find out more on our emergency and disaster relief page.

If you need to get in touch with us while you’re travelling abroad, give us a call on +44 7782 333 333

If you’re a Mobile Broadband customer, you can get in touch with us on +44 7782 333 500.  

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