About SIM adapters

If you’ve upgraded to a new phone or SIM plan, you may have been given a SIM adapter to use with it. A SIM adapter lets you use a smaller SIM in a device that needs a larger SIM.

Here’s how to use a SIM adapter:

  1. Find out what size your new SIM is, and what size SIM fits in the device you want to use, and then make sure you've got an adapter that fits your new SIM. You may need to check our guide on different SIM sizes.
  2. If you've been given two SIM adapters inside a larger plastic rectangle, push the adapter that's the right size for your device out of the rectangle.
  3. Lie the adapter on a flat surface, with the slot shaped like your SIM facing upwards.
  4. With the gold side facing upwards, put your new SIM into the slot in the adapter and gently push it in until it's level with the rest of the adapter.
  5. Pick up the adapter and put it into your device's SIM slot.

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