What kind of SIM do I need?

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There's three different sizes of SIM you might need to use, depending on your device: a standard SIM, micro-SIM or nano-SIM. We send out what's known as a Trio SIM, which is all three combined.

All you need to do is figure out which SIM fits your device, which you can check by visiting our device support section. Then just pick the size you need, and pop it straight into your phone.

If you’ve recently upgraded, we might have sent you a new SIM. You only need to use this if your old SIM isn’t the right size for your new phone. If it’s still the right size, just carry on using it. 

Some devices will allow you to use an eSIM. You can find out if your device is compatible by checking Device Support, and you can also head over to eSIM support to get more help.

Didn't get your device from Three?

If you need a replacement SIM, but you got your device from another company, don’t worry. Just order a replacement here, and we’ll send you out a Trio SIM. Just pop out the size that’s right for your phone.

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