Code of Practice for Customers with Vulnerability and/or Accessibility Needs

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Code of Practice for Customers with Vulnerability and/or Accessibility Needs

Support for customers with vulnerability and/or accessibility needs

Here at Three, we are passionate about delivering a great experience for all our customers. We are committed to ensuring all our customers are treated fairly and provided with fair outcomes. We want to ensure that all our products and services are accessible for all our customers, and we have a range of options available to support customers with vulnerability and/or accessibility needs.

We recognise that not all our customers use Three products and services in the same way. Each customer is unique and will have their own set of needs. We will always look to provide customers with vulnerability and/or accessibility needs, with the additional help and support they need, for as long as they require.

Please see our Vulnerability and Accessibility webpages for more information on this support.

Customer Wellness team

At Three, we have a dedicated Customer Wellness team, who are our experts in supporting customers with vulnerability and/or accessibility needs. Our Customer Wellness consultants are trained to provide a high level of help and support to our customers with vulnerability and/or accessibility needs.

To get in touch with our Customer Wellness team, please visit the following Contact Us webpage.

How we can support you

To ensure you receive the right level of help and support each time you get in touch with Three, we can capture details of your individual needs or personal situation, on our systems. By capturing this information, this will ensure that any future Three advisor you interact with, will better understand your situation and how best to offer you support.

If you wish to understand more about the additional support offered by Three, or you would like to register your needs with us, please contact our Customer Wellness team.

Products and Services Three offer to customers

At Three, we aim to be inclusive, providing the right level of support for every customer. We are focused on delivering a great experience and fair outcomes for all our customers. Below is a detailed overview of the specialist services and support available to all Three customers.

Accessible Formats: Three provide bills, contracts, and other communications related to our products and services in accessible formats. This includes braille, large print and print on coloured paper. Three also offers electronic formats to our customers, such as audio.

Free Directory Enquiries: Three offers a free directory enquiries service to customers with accessibility needs. To gain access to this free service, customers first need to register for the service with Three's Customer Wellness team. Once registered, customers can simply call 195 to contact Directory Enquiries for free.

Escalated Handset Repair: If a customer has a problem with their phone or device, Three’s advisors are specially trained to support our accessibility and vulnerability customers. For customers with accessibility and vulnerability needs, Three offers an escalated handset repair service. This specialist service ensures that a customer’s device is fixed quickly and returned as soon as possible.

Accessible Device Advice: Three also offers support to customers to ensure they buy the right phone to meet their individual customer needs. Three’s device support hub has information on a range of different devices and their key features, including their accessibility functions. Our website also links to Ofcom’s guide to using a mobile phone, this guide supports customers unfamiliar with using a mobile phone and provides easy to understand hints and tips.

Third Party Account Management Options: For customers who require support in managing their account, Three may be able to offer customers third-party account management options. Full access options can provide the same level of access to a customer’s account that a primary account holder would have. More limited access options are also available.

999 BSL UK Emergency Video Relay Service: 999 BSL is a free emergency service for British Sign Language users who need help urgently. Customers can be connected to a British Sign Language interpreter in seconds, who will then contact 999 on their behalf. This provides customers with access to the Police, Ambulance, Fire Service or Coastguard via video call. Customers can download the app and follow a set of simple instructions to connect.

InterpretersLive! Video Relay Service: InterpretersLive! is a video relay service customers can use to contact Three via a British Sign Language interpreter. This service is available through digital and voice channels. To get started, customers can contact InterpretersLive! or download the free app.

Relay UK: Relay UK offers users a free Text to Voice service and a free Voice to Text service. Customers can access Relay UK using the dedicated app from either a mobile device or tablet. Alternatively, customers can access Relay UK via a Minicom or Uniphone device. To find out more about the Relay UK service, please visit

Emergency SMS: This service lets customers send a text to the UK emergency services. Messages will be directed to the emergency required by the customer, whether it is the Police, Ambulance, Fire Service, or Coastguard. It is important to note that customer’s must register their phone number before using this service. To register, customers should text “Register” to 999. Customers will receive a confirmation text when they have registered successfully.

Bereavement Support: Our dedicated bereavement team is available to support customers who have recently lost a loved one. Our specially trained advisors will sensitively explain your options and look to make the process of closing an account as easy as possible.

Support for Victim of Fraud or Crime: If a customer’s account, or their private information, has been a target of fraud, Three provides guidance to customers on how to report this and protect themselves. Our dedicated Fraud team are on hand if customers need to report a problem.

Financial Support: If a customer is experiencing financial challenges and does not think that they will be able to pay their bill and/or repayments under their device plan agreement on time, Three offers some options that may help provide support.

  • Change of bill date
  • Customers can ask Three to change their device plan agreement repayment date
  • Change of price plan
  • Add or lower a spend cap on a customer’s account
  • Keep track of bills and usage in My3 or the Three app
  • Set up an affordable repayment plan
  • Move to Pay As You Go* (*If customers are on a Pay Monthly plan there will be an early termination fee in line with our Pay Monthly terms.)

Committed to delivering a great customer experience  

Please let us know about your experiences with Three. If there are any improvements you would like us to make, any issues you would like Three to be aware of, or any products or services you would benefit from having access to, please let us know.

Use our customer feedback surveys or let us know directly by using your preferred contact channel