Sony PlayStation Subscription: Cashback Promotion Terms and Conditions

1. Promoter: This Promotion is organized and administered by Hutchison 3G UK Limited, 450 Longwater Avenue, Green Park, Reading, Berks RG2 6GF (“Three” or “We”).

3. Dates: This Promotion opens on 00:01 6th October 2023 and expires the earlier of 23:59 6th November 2023 or when all the Cashback Offers have been claimed (the “Promotion Period”), in accordance with these terms.

3. Eligibility: This Promotion is open to any Three customer who is 18+ and a UK resident, who is (or becomes during the Promotion Period) a registered account holder on the PlayStation Network, operated by Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Limited, company number 06020283 (“Sony”), does not have a recurring PlayStation subscription prior to the start of the Promotion Period,  and pays for Sony PlayStation content via their Three mobile phone bill as the approved payment method (“Eligible Customer/s”).

4. The Offer:  We are offering a refund to your Three mobile bill pay of up to a maximum of £10 for one transaction to each of the first 6,000 Eligible Customers who purchase a PlayStation Subscription via the Sony PlayStation Store.  This offer is non-transferable and non-exchangeable, there will be no substitutes and no cash alternatives.  First come, first served during the Promotion Period.  This offer is limited to 6,000 transactions – one per Eligible Customer (the “Cashback Offer”).

5. The Rules:  To accept this offer, you must be one of the first 6,000 Eligible Customers to purchase a PlayStation subscription via the PlayStation store during the Promotion Period.  The content may be to any value, but only the first £10 of it will be refunded under this Cashback Offer.  For example:

Subscription Content Cost: £13.49 – PlayStation Plus Premium 
Cashback Offer Refund: £10
Eligible Customer Pays: £3.49

Subscription Content Cost: £10.99 – PlayStation Plus Extra 
Cashback Offer Refund: £10
Eligible Customer Pays: £0.99

Subscription Content Cost: £6.99 – PlayStation Plus Essential
Cashback Offer Refund: £6.99
Eligible Customer Pays: £0 (but no further credit of £3.01)

Subscription Content Cost: £19.99 – 3 Month Subscription 
Cashback Offer Refund: £10
Eligible Customer Pays: £9.99

If the content you purchase is under £10, then only the value of that content will be refunded, you will not be entitled to any further credit (see examples above).  Three reserves the right to refuse the Cashback Offer to any person impersonating an Eligible Customer or any person who, Three, in its absolute discretion, considers is acting against the spirit of this Promotion.

6. Refunds: The relevant amount, up to a maximum of £10, will be refunded to an Eligible Customer on the bill following the end of the 1st month’s subscription.  An Eligible Customer’s bill cycle will be unchanged.  No refunds will be made once outside the Promotion Period or to non-Eligible Customers.

6. General:

6.1 NOTE ON SUBSCRIPTIONS:  PlayStation subscriptions continue indefinitely, and you will be charged on-going fees automatically on a regular basis until cancelled.  The on-going fees, billing frequency and how to cancel vary from subscription to subscription and Sony will explain these before you make a purchase of one of their subscription services.  The relevant subscription fees will show on your Three mobile phone bill each month. You must cancel your subscription before the end of the current billing period otherwise you will be charged the subscription fees for the next period.  See: (“20. Special Terms applying to some Products”) for more information.

6.2 For any customer care or Cashback Offer terms queries, please contact Three customer care on 333.

6.3 Under no circumstances will Three (or its parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies) be liable (unless such liability cannot be lawfully excluded) for any losses, damages, costs or expenses arising from or in any way connected with any errors, defects, interruptions, malfunctions or delays in the Three network, Sony PlayStation Store, this Promotion, the Cashback Offer, the redemption or refund process, purchase of a Sony subscription or any Sony/PlayStation product connected with this Promotion and Three excludes liability, to the fullest extent permitted by law for any loss or damage caused to the recipients of such items. 

6.4 Sony Playstation and the Sony PlayStation logo are trade marks of Sony.  For full Sony PlayStation terms and conditions, please visit: